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Persuasive Essay

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Musheer Ahmed
English Composition 1
30 October 2014
Community Colleges Make Sense
Throughout the country there are juniors in high school that are getting pulled into the grandeur of going to a four year institute. College recruits travel to high schools mesmerizing students with everything they have to offer. Students get attached to a said four year institute and do not realize the classes they will be taking for the first two years, are also provided at local community colleges. The tuition rates for four year intuitions are outrageous. “The average cost of tuition and fees for the 2013–2014 school year was $30,094 at private colleges, $8,893 for state residents at public colleges, and $22,203 for out-of-state residents attending public universities.”(What’s). A community college provides the same general requirements for more than half the price of a four year institute. Going a community college for the first two ...view middle of the document...

You would end up wasting around $20,000 in tuition at a university for switching your major because you took business general requirements that do not benefit a science degree. And at a local college you would lose a fraction of that amount of money for switching your major. Making a commitment about picking a major is less stressful when you have flexibility to decide what really peaks your interest so you live your life enjoying what you do. You should also be able to decided what you enjoy doing in a constructive environment.
Junior colleges provide a great learning and social atmosphere on a smaller scale with personal interaction with an actual professor. In a university setting, most general requirement classes have over 200 students. General classes are the building blocks to a higher education, you need a strong foundation of what you are learning to move forward. At a local college you have classes with 30 people max. A professor can pay closer attention to their students and students can feel comfortable asking a question in a smaller environment. At many universities teacher’s assistants hold the discussions and many lectures, no such thing exist at a local college. One pays tuition to get taught by a professional, not a teacher’s assistant. There is also no difference in the quality of professors at a university and the professors at a community college. You can easily interact with your professors at a junior college and get one on one time with them because the classes are smaller. If someone is able create a solid foundation for themselves they will have an easier time learning new concepts whenever they transfer to a university.
The first two years of college is a period of figuring out classes and exploring career paths. Even if you have your entire career path planned, it is better that you take the time to discover your interests in an environment that will not cost you 20k. If you begin at a community college instead of a four year institute you will end up with the same degree, walking down the same graduation stage but with thousands of dollars saved in your pocket.

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