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Persuade Audience To Use Ethanol Listing Advantages And Disadvantages Compared To Petrol In Terms Of Efficiency And As A Renewable Source Of Energy

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Clean Green Fighting MachineIf there was ever a time, more in need of a non polluting fuelSo, have you heard of the green house effect? Ever seen one of those shows on TV about global warming and how the oceans will rise? Just thought it would go away? Or if it was that critical the government would step in? No wrong again. It's all up to us and I have the answer for you.Ethanol, an alternative fuel that's made from a range of renewable sources including corn, barley, soy bean and sugar cane in a production process that is all about no waste, as the two biggest by-products created in the production of ...view middle of the document...

In case your thinking about warranties, nearly all manufactures allow 10% ethanol mixtures, so you can be assured that damage to your car is very unlikely and with reports from Brazil that some cars their run on 100% ethanol we really don't have to worry and should do our bit to help and run all our cars on ethanol mixtures to. If your unsure about your warranty check your owners manual.Using this alternative fuel there is a small power decrease, only about 2-3% but if your keen to do your part there is a small amount of modifications that can be carried out to have your car fit for ethanol mixtures up to 85% like changing the compression ratio, changing to a cooler spark plug and a few other minor adjustments, which in turn could give your car performance enhancements as ethanol has a high racing octane rating of 113 compared with a standard octane of 95.If your car is more than 10 years old or is not in good condition, a mechanic may need to check for water in the tank and if necessary clean out the tank and fuel line as ethanol will mix with water and although this is a good thing in small quantities, it keeps the tank clean, too much water will cause your car not to work. If you are thinking about mixing blended fuels, it is completely alright.Lets make a stand and make a difference to have everyone using this green fuel and have further research for engines that run on 100% ethanol.

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