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Personnel Rights Essay

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Personnel Rights, Diversity, Sexual Harassment, and Affirmative Action
Hilda Vazquez
PAD 530
Dr. Marion Lee

There are several key elements in the composition of a successful business, and more so of a successful country. Being aware of unfair behavior toward a group of people or person's unfortunately lives within our nation today. Personnel rights are extremely important, and sacred as an employee of public administration as they still have the rights of the rest of Americans. It can become difficult for government to not continuously keep a watchful eye on each employee. Diversity continues to grow, and the more technologically savvy we ...view middle of the document...

The idea is to promote hiring women, and minorities so they too have equal opportunity to make descent wages. There are people which are called resisters who feel it unnecessary to offer employment for those who are not qualified, but merely hired on the base of their race. Diversity is not necessarily confined to different races, but it's also applied to different diverse characteristics such as gender, age, educational background, generational differences, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status, income, and geographical location

Sexual Harassment- According to Bursik (2011) sexual harassment is defined as unwanted

imposition of sexual requirements in the context of a relationship of unequal power.

Unfortunately there are no clear cut definitions as to what constitutes as sexual harassment. A

significant body of empirical research indicates that numerous individual and contextual factors

influence whether or not a behavioral interaction will be perceived as sexual harassment. US

EEOC broadly defines it as: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other

verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature (Cass, 2009) .When this conduct explicitly or

implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work

performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

Affirmative Action- According to ASHE (2007)was developed to give minorities the equal

opportunity for employment and education, it acted as an active intervention by the U.S. to eliminate discrimination. A lack of women and minority representation existed in the public employment, and the purpose of affirmative action was to change this, and have a more diversified group of employees. There has been extensive research on the success of the implementation of affirmative action, and unfortunately they found mostly white women were being hired. While white women were given employment they still have to deal with the issue of the glass ceiling. Many people have been outraged at the fact that it is a requirement for minority to be hired, if they are not qualified.

Evaluate and critique the role of public personnel administration in protecting employee rights.
The role of personnel administration in protecting employees rights is a crucial one, as this will affect every aspect of the work environment. An employee has to trust their rights as citizens will be protected regardless of the position they hold within a company. Personnel administration must continuously remind employees of what their rights are, and ensure they always feel comfortable with discussing any violation of those rights. It would be essential to keep information at the disposal of the employee for reference on their protected rights. Should personnel fail at making sure the rights are protected they could end up being held accountable if those rights are violated. The position...

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