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“Over the past decades, maritime employers have expressed concerns about the shortage of manpower, officers and crew. The situation has worsened with the growth of ship registries and the apparent reluctance of societies to adopt sea-going occupations. Given these circumstances and notwithstanding incentives offered, the shortage of manpower is likely to continue." 

   1) Realistic situation in the shipping world concerning the shortage of qualified and trained manpower
The Manpower Crisis
The shipping industry has been a aware for a long time that manpower shortages imminent and would eventually become critical. Shipping companies and even governments have been urged by ...view middle of the document...

It would be very surprising if, during the next boom cycle, there is not a severe, even debilitating shortage of qualified manpower, particularly senior officers. The senoir staff ashore are being slowly replaced as they retire by floating staff, who are not being adequately replaced. This will have a knock-on effect.

In 2010 the International Shipping Federation will publish their 5-year manpower update, which will give a fairly accurate assessment of the situation. An excess of manpower in the shipping industry is not predicted by this writer. in fact, an extremely severe shortage within the next few years is imminent.

2)   Steps taken by various bodies, government, employers' federation, unions, etc to rectify the situation
Steps taken to rectify the situation
We can train the crews to work on board more sophisticated vessels and send them for training. This is because training and skills development, and collaborative efforts can attract and retain suitable manpower. Furthermore, we have to ensure that seafarers go out to sea for short durations and created a work culture with options–work life balance that includes simulators’ computer-based training modules. This is to ensure that marine officers and engineers acquire knowledge and experiences in every face of tanker operations promote secure employment. There are also internet facilities onboard for the crew in order to have contact with their families and friends. We have provided cheap calling cards thus offering the crew with the facility to be in touch with their families. We have family carriage policy which includes children and promote the welfare and well being. This is not just for the senior officers but also includes the junior officers. Besides, the quality of food provided on the ship is of the highest. We are known to have the highest victualing rates in the industry, and cooks from top hotels. And also, we can urge ship-owners and ship-managers to invest in the training and upgrading of the skills of seafarers sailing on their ships, rather than leaving the training to someone else while they themselves merely poached trained crew members. The master should also create a homely atmosphere on the ship for their crew, and to be personal and treat everyone as a part of my extended family. Another thing to prevent shortage of manpower is to hire more foreign workers.

3)   Effectiveness of the measure taken.
No. From the research, though the dependency ratio of local to foreign workers for the Marine sector will also be raised from 1:3 to 1:5 next year and the overall unemployment rate fell to 1.7 percent in September this year, The worldwide supply of seafarers in 2010 was estimated at 624,000 officers and 747,000 ratings, while the current worldwide demand for seafarers is 637,000 officers and 747,000 ratings. South Africa requires at least 36 000 seafarers based on the over 4 million tons of cargo but currently, there is only 1 800 seafarers at stand.
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