Personality Traits Essay

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Team Personality Traits
LaToya Morris
Latoya Sims
Troy Clincy
PSY 250
January 31, 2011
Dr.Bonita Berryman-Gilliam

Team Personality Traits
Personality is described as the psychological foundation that makes people uniquely themselves. The trait approach to personality also known as the ‘big five” is perhaps the most recognizable yet, complex aspects of personality (Friedman & Schustack, 2009). This Paper will discuss the five dimensions of personality and explain how they relate to the uniqueness of individuals. According to the Big Five Assessment LaToya found her experience to be fascinating, she was amazed how accurate the test described her personality. She scored ...view middle of the document...

Troy did not agree with the conscientious part of the test. He explains I am more reliable and organized than disorganized. Troy is more self-disciplined and strategic in taking on routine task. His strongest scores were in the extraversion category, He loves to talk and give his opinion on worldly issues. The assessment also describes troy as the type of person who criticizes often; he objected to this statement and says that when he criticizes it is more with a positive approach. Troy scores were low in neuroticism category and he agrees with the results because he remains calm and relaxed in most situations.
The personality test labels Latonya as down to earth and uncreative, she disagrees with the results and views herself as a very creative person. LaTonya’s highest scores were in the conscientious category, she is organized and reliable, she likes to do things in an orderly fashion. Latonya admits she is a quiet and shy person but opens up when she is in her comfort zone. LaTonya agrees with her results in the agreeableness category that describes her as supportive and good-natured, she likes to encourage and boost the energy of others. LaTonya describes her overall personality as cool, calm and collective.
The teams personality profile is a good model for great achievements LaTonya’s high score in the conscientious category makes her a key component in making sure all...

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