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Personality Test Essay

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My personality type is ISFP. ISFP stands for: Introvert, sensing, feeling and perceivers.
A couple of my personality characteristics are observant, organized, independent, resourceful and practical. I am very independent. I’m always on my own, even if I’m at home I like to shut myself from others. Not physically, but block them out of my mind. However I do get along with people. But if I’m at social events for too long I get exhausted. I usually have to recharge myself by spending days, a whole week, or maybe even a month away from friends. There are rare times when I actually want to hang out with people, but when I do I’m a very social person.
I do very well with a one to one conversation. But in a group, I don’t do so well. When I don’t know people, I don’t know what to talk to them about. ...view middle of the document...

And since I’m idealistic, setting goals and completing it makes me feel good about myself. I like to make deadlines, but sometimes I don’t get it done. To help with this problem, work first then play. I usually tend to have fun first and then finish my work. And due to that, I end up doing everything at the last minute. I need to have more self-discipline and being able to make solid decisions.
I like to observe more than talk. In group projects for example; when everyone announces their opinion, I usually take in their information, come to my conclusions and then shoot my ideas. It’s not that I know I’m observing, it comes naturally. It’s like getting to know who people are and who you should be careful of. Sometimes this kind of leads to people thinking I’m distant, quiet or shy. But really I’m not. I usually like to think before I speak so I won’t make a fool out of myself.
I think sometimes being observant can also have its downside. Like taking new opportunities. Sometimes I have doubt because I know too much, but I think I need to let loose and try new things. Maybe try to put things in a more abstract way, think beyond reality, and don’t oversimplify. Take a risk, but make it worth it.
I like to do things that I already know how to do, I’m a practical person. I tend to put a lot of hard work and understanding into everything I do. I don’t like to second guess situations, so being familiar with something makes me feel safe. But if a new assignment is put on my desk it frustrates me because it feels like all of my hard work has been lost. The process of having to fully understand a new project and getting used to it exhaust me. It’s like restarting all over again. But luckily, I am they type of person to move on. I’m not a very expressive person so complaining is never an issue. If I know I have to do it, I will do it. I don’t like to cry over something when I can do fix it.

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