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Personality Essay

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The 5 big personality traits are significant to work-related aspects of personality.
But to first understand the personality traits we must talk about deep level diversity and surface level diversity. Deep level diversity is differences such as personality and attitudes that are communicated through verbal and nonverbal behaviors and are learned only through extended interaction with others. Surface level diversity is differences such as age, sex, race/ethnicity, and physical disabilities that are observable, typically unchangeable, and easy to measure.
People often use the dimensions of surface-level diversity to form initial impressions about others. Over time, however, as people have a ...view middle of the document...

A disposition is the tendency to respond to situations and events in a predetermined manner. Personality is the relatively stable set of behaviors, attitudes, and emotions displayed over time that makes people different from each other. For example, which of your aunts or uncles is a little offbeat, a little out of the ordinary? What was that aunt or uncle like when you were small? What is she or he like now? Chances are that she or he is pretty much the same wacky person. In other words, the person's core personality hasn't changed. For years, personality researchers studied hundreds of different ways to describe people's personalities. In the last decade, however, personality research conducted in different cultures, different settings, and different languages has shown that five basic dimensions of personality account for most of the differences in peoples' behaviors, attitudes, and emotions (or for why your boss is the way he or she is!). The Big Five Personality Dimensions are extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.
The first trait is extraversion, which is the degree to which someone is active, assertive, gregarious, sociable, talkative, and energized by others. Extroverts may be more effective and comfortable in public roles. Being an extrovert can help an individual be promoted to higher management levels. This trait contributes positively to the individual’s performance because being active and sociable can lead to networking. Networking helps individuals become more confident. The idea is to develop a network of friendly people who share information to help each other.
An example of being an extrovert is while at a work related event ask future clients about their target market. Explain that you are curious about who they would prefer to serve. Offer your help. This kind of assertiveness could win you a new client and a name in the business for being a go getter.
The second trait is emotional stability which is the degree to which someone is not angry, depressed, anxious, emotional, insecure, or excitable. People who are emotionally stable respond well to stress. Individuals who are emotionally stable can maintain a calm, problem-solving attitude in even the toughest situations. This trait contributes positively to the individual’s performance because the happier, calmer, and the more patient you are with others, the likelier you are to be viewed positively by your peers and your managers.
An example of emotional stability would be James Bond, an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6. Bond was also known by his code number, 007, and was a Royal Naval Reserve Commander. He is relatively poised, calm, resilient, and secure. He is better at handling job stress pressure, and tension.
The third trait is agreeableness, which is the degree to which someone is cooperative, polite, flexible, forgiving, good-natured, tolerant, and trusting....

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