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Personal Values Development Essay

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Personal Values Development

Each member of society is exclusive in different ways. Many members of society have provided great role models for their children. My parents always told me that you should treat others as you wanted to be treated. I have built my values and ethics around this statement. This paper will cover some of the remnants of my parents. My younger years as a child, along with the career I have chosen. Then the paper will cover some academic goals. The information contained in this paper will explain why I am unique.

In looking back at my parents I can say that they were always honest and to the point. The family was Christian based, and my brother and I ...view middle of the document...

Younger Years
The younger years of my life were unforgettable. I can honestly say that my family never went without. My father always made sure we had everything we needed to survive. We always had a clean house and great toys to play with. I remember getting in trouble and the punishment was always called the board of education. My father would spank us and my mother would come in and talk to us about what we did wrong. By the time it was over we knew just what not to do again. This taught us a great lesson and used the positive/negative reward system. The younger years of my life included church and family time. Some of that time included church which I can honestly say I still attend. I believe my younger years allowed me to be shaped into what is not a bad apple. It was best said by Treviño, L. K., and Youngblood, A. (1990) “This bad apple idea is appealing in part because unethical behavior can then be blamed on a few bad individuals.”

As I grew up I learned to respect the adults that I came into contact with. I will always remember going to a restaurant with my parents and someone saying that we were well behaved. I never understood that until I had children of my own. I now get told by other members of society that children like mine are far and few between. Now, I can honestly say that I truly understand what my parents were trying to get me to understand about manners and respect. Something as simple as opening a door for a female, or holding the door for an elderly woman is seen in society as respectful and appreciated a great deal. My children tend to look at me funny when I would ask them to do something like this. However as they grow older they will learn to understand that what they are learning is better for them.

This paper will now go back to my school years. I can honestly say that my grades were average, and I was never part of the so called “popular crowd.” As I progressed into high school I became more aware of my family values. Getting positive reinforcement for being polite to others was a great lesson. Helping others allowed me to realize that I wanted to spend my life helping others. How better to do this than as a member of the law enforcement community.

As I reached the age to work, I realized that I had already been provided my work ethics. I started, when I was 15 spending my summers bailing hay on a ranch, being on time and getting the work done was the primary goal. As I graduated high school, I decided to enter the military (US Navy). This is where I was taught a great deal about team work and time management. As I got farther along in my career I put myself through college and the police academy. As a future police officer, I learned that children were the key to society’s success.

As for academic goals, I would have to say that they are getting closer. They include long and short term goals. I started at Evergreen Valley Criminal Justice Training...

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