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Personal Values A Measure Of Personal Development

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Personal Values

Personal values are important to our development and achievements. They help to determine the choices that are made in life. Some values that might be important to me might not be as important to others. Everyone develops there own values. Some are carried on though the family from generation to generation. Others are developed by being around people with values that are different.
The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self assessment is used to gain better understanding of one’s ethical perspective. The results from the self assessment showed that my ethical perspective is most related to obligation and is least related to equity. According to (2008), [Obligation is defined as the action of constraining oneself by oath, promise, or contract to a ...view middle of the document...

I believe that all my actions are fair. Apparently my feelings toward my obligations are stronger than does for equity.
My personal values were installed in me at a young age. Family is a personal value that I hold close to my heart. I believe that I should be loved by my family. Independence is a value that I developed by watching my mother at a young age. She was an independent women and I wanted to be just like her. A fabulous feeling is felt when someone is free from the dependence of others. When there is something that I need or want, I get it. I do not wait on anyone to do anything. My mother and my grandmother both had a hand in the development of another personal value of mine. That value is faith. As a child I started going to church every sunday. Now as an adult I am still participating in services. Being honest and truthful is an essential part of my life. This is why honesty is another personal value of mine.
Independence is a value that is shared by me and Kudler Fine Foods. Kathy Kudler demonstrated independence with many things that she did. She had cashiers but yet she was seen running the registers. Stockers were on the payroll but she stocked shelves. She also bags the customer’s items and she has baggers to do this. It seems like Kathy is used to being independent, so she feels like she could do it all herself. Faith, family, and honesty do not seem to be important values of Kudler Fine Foods. Faith and honesty is not mentioned at all and Kathy is working so much that she is not spending much time with her family.
My values are quite different from Kudler Fine Foods. As I mentioned earlier, everybody has their own set of values. A person’s surrounding influences what their values will be. Once these values are developed they will make a large difference in daily life. They will determine what kind of decisions will be made from day to day.

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