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Personal Training Essay

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Personal Training
Brian Staggs
Saturday, June 09, 2013.

Connie House

Personal Training

My personal past involved an active lifestyle and a job that provided the exercise and activity to keep fit. Racquetball, skiing, and co-ed softball are all very active sports that provided a work out for the entire body. The recent past has found me docile and depressed, so the desire for activity has diminished. My body and my health have suffered through this, so it’s time to make the effort to regain control and work for a healthier body. Implementing proper exercise and diet will assist with turning what I have into muscle and feeling better. A workout routine that will ...view middle of the document...

Outdoor walking will be ideal because then I am also able to be with the grandkids. Walking will provide a way to unwind and alleviate stress, which is very important to the body.
Swimming has many benefits as well. You are working every muscle in the body without impacting it or stressing it and this can be fun. Swimming can be either high or low impact locomotion movement depending on the individual and how well they can swim. I am not a skillful swimmer, so I will do only low-impact swimming exercises to begin, and continue to push myself harder and harder each day to high-impact swimming exercises.
Non-locomotion skills are stretching, yoga, Pilates, sit-ups, and low-impact weight lifting. Stretching is very important prior to any workout because it may eliminate any soreness afterwards as well as help in blood circulation and flexibility. Yoga is another type of exercise that utilizes many stretching techniques. Depending on each person’s level of flexibility, yoga can accommodate the person’s comfort level from beginners to advance. Yoga promotes a feeling of well-being and strength. Yoga has also been known as a type of meditation exercise. Pilates is more of an intense stretching along with focusing on your body and muscle control. Pilates also can be done on the Pilates machines. Pilates strengthens abdomen area and improves posture.
Sit-ups to strengthening the abdomen area are another type of non-locomotion skill. There are several different ways to do sit-ups; one must find their own comfort level. I usually like to do crunches so that I am able to work both upper and lower abdomen areas. To achieve my full impact, I will do my sit-ups at a slow pace along with correct breathing techniques which is very important in any locomotion and non-locomotive exercise. Abdomen workouts can also be achieved by bending and twisting the upper body (Physiol, 2010).
I will incorporate a low impact weight lifting routine to tone my arms. In the past, I was able to use 20 pound weights and do 2 sets of 20 repetitions. I do not think it is wise to start off where I had left off since it has been a few years since I have lifted weights. I do not want to tear any muscles, so I will start off with 10 pound weights for 2 set of 20 repetitions continually increasing the repetitions and weight. Increased weight and fewer repetitions will increase muscle tone. The goal here is to bulk up my arms so there are variables allowing manipulating the plan and eventually increasing my weight with fewer repetitions (Esser, 2012).
The time is going to depend on my schedule. I cannot be too hard on myself or else I will start to resent...

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