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Personal Statements For Science Students Essay

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Personal Statement
When I was a child, I made a visit to a hospital in our city named “Dhaka Medical College Hospital” of Bangladesh where I had a horrible experience in the early stages of my life. Large number of people were lying here and there, and as a third world country hospital there was no proper treatment. Their helpless eyes made me gloomy and penitent. One thing that strokes me was the lack of medicine. In some cases, there were medicine and treatments, but people were deprived of drugs and remained untreated for the high price. I was in the hospital for visiting a woman of our neighborhood with my mother, and she had the same condition too. My mother helped her, but other ...view middle of the document...

I worked ardently and finally got the 28th place among approximately 25 thousand students.
After getting over the hurdles of admission test in the department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology I got a new world; the world of innovation. With the touch of our faculties, I became more affiliated with the research, and I acquired knowledge about all basic courses on Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Chemistry, Physics and Bioinformatics, Biopharmaceuticals etc. In this esteemed institution, I rewarded me with good results, which actually reflects that, I enjoyed my curriculum very much and eventually I was chosen for the most prestigious award, “DEAN’S AWARD” of my university by the faculty of Biological Sciences. Along with the theoretical courses during graduation I also received an intensive practical course work and at that time I actually underwent with a schematic training in molecular biology like DNA, RNA and protein extraction from organisms, PCR, cloning, transformation, southern blot, northern blot etc. These basic techniques actually prepared me compatible with my MS thesis. In the graduate school, I got the opportunity to make intense research with one of the best researchers of Bangladesh, Prof. Zeba Islam Seraj in Plant Biotechnology Lab, University of Dhaka. I worked in the development of salt tolerant rice (Oryza sativa) using cloning and transformation of Glyoxalase I and Glyoxalase II genes.
After my MS, I was looking for innovative research and passionate molecular level works. I linked to the Jute Genome Sequencing group under genome scientist Professor Maksudul Alam, chairman, department of Microbiology, University of Hawaii and the mentor of the genome decoding team of Papaya and Rubber. Then my research life changed with the affiliation of Prof Alam; I understood how a scientist could lead his team with super enthusiasm. On his enthusiasm, our team decoded the genome sequence of Macrophomina phaseolina, one of the most devastating fungus of the plant. I cannot stop myself telling about one of my life events here about the feelings of looking my pictures in the national dailies and electronic media with Prof Alam. After publishing the paper on the BMC Genomics, we turned to a new project of the Genome sequencing of Corchorus capsularis. Genome decoding and the development of previously decoded Jute Corchorus olitorius ran simultaneously in Alam’s lab, and I was fortunate enough that I took part in genomic data analysis along with wet lab based development programs of Jute. I learned...

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