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Personal Selling Process Essay

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The Personal Selling Process:
The Personal Selling Process:

1) Prospecting:

(Identifying Potential Customers)

This can be done Mainly by Preparing List of:

a)   Current Customers,

b)   References, they might offer,

c)    Yellow Pages,

d)   Traders’ List,

e)   Club Members List,

f)    Traders’ Directory,

g)    Received Phone Callers,

h)   Family Friends,

i)     Social Media Circle, etc;

2) Qualifying:

(Short Listing Prospective Customers)

This should be based on whether they have the:

a)   Willingness:

Identify, if the Prospect had a Problem with your Competitor Product,

b)   Purchasing Power:

Obtain Credit rating, & find some ...view middle of the document...

* The pre-approach is the second step in the personal selling process. At this time, the sales representative prepares for the first contact with the potential customer. During this stage, the sales representative looks at any information that he may have about the customer. He may practice his sales presentation and do anything necessary to prepare for it.
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* The approach is the next step in the process and it is also one of the most important. During this step, the sales representative takes a minute or two to try to get to know the prospect. This phase usually involves some small talk to warm up the prospect and help them open up.
* During this stage of the process, the sales representative makes a presentation. This can involve demonstrating the product or service and showing the customer why they need it. The sales rep should focus on the features and benefits of the product or service during this part of the process.
Overcome Objections
* In some cases, the sales representative will have to overcome objections by the customer. Many customers have questions and concerns at this point of the sales process. If the sales representative can answer the questions and overcome any objections successfully, the barriers for a successful sale will be removed.
* After the objections have been removed, the only thing left to do is close the sale. This can involve writing up an invoice and providing any final information to the customer. At this stage of the process, you may need to negotiate the final sales price and any payment terms.
Follow Up
* The follow up is the last stage in the personal sales process. After the product or service has been delivered, the sales representative follows up with the customer to find out if they are pleased. If there were any issues with the product, the sales rep can work with the customer to get them resolved. If the customer is happy, the sales rep can also try to obtain additional referrals from the customer.
The Seven Steps of Selling
Compare the B2B and B2C examples you just read about. Do you notice a pattern? Although the products and customers were quite different, both salespeople adapted to the situation and the customer’s needs, but followed the same seven steps to successfully complete their sales. In fact, you’ve probably used a version of these seven steps yourself before without even realizing it. Take a look at some real-world selling examples below and how of each of the steps is used.
Step 1: Prospecting and Qualifying
Before planning a sale, a salesperson conducts research to identify the people or companies that might be interested in her product. In the B2B example, before the salesperson called the company, she had to find the company’s information somewhere—probably in a local...

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