Personal Responsibilty Essay

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Running head: Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Foard W. Womack
December 6, 2012

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility plays a critical role in the success of any person. While many
people may say that personal responsibility is not essential to one’s success, history shows that
people who are responsible tend to be more successful. This discussion is to show that personal
responsibility is essential to the success of students. The value of having a strong, structured and
responsible lifestyle is proven in the success of people all over the world. Personal responsibility
corresponds to student’s success, how those ...view middle of the document...

That drive is what fuels the success without it one would simply
give up when a difficult problem or obstacle arises. Not all people are born with a drive to
succeed; some must actively engage themselves in order to have a drive, while other it comes

Personal Responsibility

more naturally. A student success article discussed three themes that emerged in a high school
intervention program that seemed to promote success. Those three themes were meaningful
relationships, vision for the future and meaningful participation (Shepard, Salina, Girtz, Cox,
Davenport, Hillard, 2012). Those are key elements in order to foster success where it has not
previously been. Some students might have a desire for something more but lack the
responsibility to lock down that desire and use it for a better outcome. For these students an
academic counselor or mentor would be a good way to harness that drive and use it for the its
greatest potential. In order for a student to take advantage of one of those sources they need to
first acknowledge there lack of a drive.
Responsible students are successful in academics because they have a strong foundation
to lean on when adversity comes around. The following quote from an article about self-esteem
hits the nail on the head for the foundation of success and efficiency: “The extent to which you
honor sight over blindness determines your self-efficacy and self-respect” (Branden, 2007, Six
Practices of Self-Esteem, para. 2). Success can...

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