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Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility & College Success
Gordon Wilson
University of Phoenix
William Feltt
March 4th, 2013

Personal Responsibility
“There’s not a chance we’ll reach our full potential until we stop blaming each other and start practicing personal accountability.” Miller, J. G. (2004). Personal responsibility is the idea of people living responsible for their own actions and the choices they make. When people make mistakes we tend to point fingers or blame someone else for our mishaps. However, it is our responsibility to take ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, developing personal responsibility can be beneficial. I believe if students practice personal responsibility in their school work they will be successful college students. Understanding and exercising personal responsibility help students to become well rounded individuals.
I had to realize that college is not like high school in which teachers usually call students’ parents and update them on their status; for instance missing homework, late for class, late assignments, etc. Students have to be aware of their own tasks and assignments. If students develop their own study skills<,> they will understand themselves more and take responsibility for their time and what is needed to accomplish their educational goals. Unfortunately, many students tend to suffer because they never grasp the concept of effective studying.
As a college student myself, I am not exempt from the same responsibilities. I ] have to be responsible for my assignments and tasks. I plan to dedicate at least 20 hours a week toward class participation and discussion. I plan to read all my assignments and do my assignments ahead of time. I plan to review my syllabus and preview the next week assignments so that I am prepared for what is coming ahead. I will try my best to eat healthy and dedicate <an> adequate amount of time toward rest so that my brain can function well. By having this preliminary plan in place I can be a
successful college student.
Despite the fact that I wasn’t always the most responsible person; by finding out which skills I have already mastered I was able to figure out which areas I am lacking. I also developed good study habits along with a plan of action so that I can best use my time in order to reach my goals. I needed to change my schedule to meet my study needs. Most importan <<sp?|| I think it was very important to stick to a plan or schedule. I tend to do a lot and when I’m tired I lose focus. Being tired reduces people’s ability to study. Students should never plan study time when they know they will be tired. When I studied tired, it caused me to dislike study time. Eating is important for the development of good study habits. I don’t advise studying on an empty stomach. If a student tries to study on an empty stomach it makes it harder to focus on his or her studies. I think it’s best to study an hour after eating. Overworking and over studying can become negative as well. Students need to be aware of their study time. If one study’s for too long they can eventually lose focus. Unfortunately <<missing word>> same will apply if someone only study <<sp?|| for a short time, <<missing word>> will not accomplish much of anything in such a short period of time My advisor recommended that I dedicate at least 20 hours a week towards school and study time.
Learning may be developed through eight forms of intelligence....

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