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Personal Responsibility And College Success Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success
Tommorra Shelton
May 14, 2012
Dr. Rosalind Williams

As I began to do this assignment, I had to do some critical thinking about what personal responsibility means to me and how could I develop a plan to correlate it to my education. The more I thought about it, the only thing I could relate the idea to was the movie Forrest Gump. The correlation of his shoes was used to contrast how personal responsibility supported his choices, adversity, and communication; as his sneakers supported him as he ran.
Personal responsibility is not something as simple as putting on a pair of sneakers when necessary. It cannot be used when it is handy ...view middle of the document...

That is something you have charge of.” (Mackay, 2012) Likewise, Denis Waitley, who is a writer and who also gives individual lectures on multiple levels of financial success, says, “A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.” (Mackay, 2012). With every decision made, responsibility comes with it. People shy away from responsibility for numerous of underlining reasons; rather it is by being lazy or from the apprehension of disappointment, to a sense of being weighed down by the core of the problem or situation. Whatever that reason may be, if one fails to take responsibility, they may fail themselves, and their ability to grow as an individual. One great reward that comes along with accepting responsibility is the learning lesson with the decision made. Those who accept responsibility for their mishaps and attitudes and have an act to change will resort to positive results from life. When given the opportunity to make important decisions, those decisions can have a huge impact on your success in all areas in your life.
Responsibility goes along with college success. Going to college is a huge step for some. By deciding to go to college, you must be willing to accept the responsibility of getting to class on time, completing assignments, and know how to manage time for studying. Being able to manage time with family, friends, and school, can be stressful. You must be ready to make sacrifices because those are some huge hurdles to cross. According to Dave Ellis, Being a Master Student (2011), “Time is an equal opportunity resource. All of us, regardless of gender, race, creed, or national origin, have exactly the same amount of hours in a week. No matter how famous we are, no matter how rich or poor, we get 168 hours to spend each week-no more, no less.
While attending college, I will learn to balance my time by creating and following a daily schedule which will include priority time for reading and writing assignments, class time, spending time with friends and family, and social activities. I will also include plans to learn and practice good study behaviors, such as setting goals; learning useful reading habits, note taking, strategies on effective test taking; getting to class on time; as...

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