Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
Tiffaney Goggins
Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
October 25, 2012
Ms. Shana Goodson

Personal Responsibility
This is your life. You are responsible for it, the time is now! Personal responsibility is a maturity outlook on the division of time, education, finances, family, spiritual belief, career, and college success. In order to be successful in life, it’s highly important to value all aspects of personal responsibility.
First, the nature of personal responsibility transitions from childhood to adulthood. As kids growing up the parent’s are held responsible for their children and well being. The time will change into ...view middle of the document...

Normally, if you’re brought up in church, we’ll continue to walk in our divinity, or may stray, but eventually originate back to the roots of our religion. Similarly to like tree roots, these hold and build us up it’s the reason for our survival. In any aspect through life, prayer and fasting is the key to get results from on high. The awareness of knowing the word and spirituality is personal responsibility and allows room for growth in becoming more like Christ. Everyone must choose their own belief according to your meaning, personality, life experience, and that it empowers you all around. In my opinion there wouldn’t be any success without God! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Truly in most cases having a choice of religion makes great character and responsibility.
Next, the fundamental of time is vital to aspect of personal responsibility. The act of preparation, promptness, and organization will cause the effect of managing your time efficiently. However, time waits for nobody; the essential usage is allocated by each individual. The key to staying ahead is to use good sources such as planners, reminders on refrigerators, cell phone planners and reviewing the week ahead. It’s important everyday to apply the use of time effectively. Proactive is taking the initiative before hand; this will definitely improve with assignments, teamwork, collaboration, and many other varieties. Often times, we’re scheduled to be somewhere at a designated time, it’s very important to first think things through in your mind, logically, and prioritize into action. For instance, in the mornings some parents prepare baby bottles, baby bag, sorting out clothes, ironing clothes, and aligning their schedule to be on time. In this world as adults it’s considered your own responsibility to have financial education. Many people sometimes try to live beyond their means and not spend according to their income, that it is over-budgeting. For example, during our current re-election 2012, President Osama, is predicting that he will lower the deficent in his next term. (Meckler, L.) It’s the parents’ responsibility of adults to sit down, prioritize bills, expenses, and budget together fairly. Self-budgeting often is considered like a rubber-band it saves and stretches as far as you can. We’re never too young or too old to start saving money.
In addition, there are several correlations between personal responsibility and college success. There are bridges that tie these two together, meaning that there’s not one without the other. As stated before, personal responsibility is the platform to want to benefit from college. Each student must have their own self-motivation that interests their studies and college success. Naturally, the student must have an inquisitive mind about learning. Knowledge is very beneficial to college success and our careers. The student must be eager about achieving their goals and...

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