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Personal Response On Sexuality Identity Essay

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
Jonathan Scroggins
Psychology of Human Sexuality/PSY265
April 4, 2015
Kimberly Sampson

Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
My personal response regarding my sexuality and identity are laced with religious beliefs, above all else. I believe that my attitude to the diversity of sexual orientation and identity is very open-minded. There are many things that I have learned, regarding sexuality, since first starting this class, and there are other things that have merely been confirmed or solidified in determining my personal sexuality identity.
Growing up, I was influenced heavily by religious beliefs. ...view middle of the document...

Now that I have completed this course on sexuality, I have come to realize that my perspective on sexual identity was not only close-minded, but it was highly unfair, and rather ignorant. My lack of knowledge concerning the variables of what other individuals dealt with growing up disallowed a correct understanding of why some may choose a different lifestyle than me. Knowledge is power and with knowledge comes accountability. Accountability demands truth and not opinion.
The truth is that the identity of a person’s gender, which can affect their sexuality identity, is hinged highly on biology. The vast majority of boys reared up as girls embodied the male gender identity. This is essential to sexuality identity because who we feel we are biologically affects who we feel that we are sexually. That being said, biology is not the only thing that affects sexuality identity. Since taking this class, I have come to understand that it is not black and white, only. Biology, enculturation, and culture play huge parts in the identity of an individual, including their sexuality. For me, I realized in the early stages of puberty that I was interested in girls because I was attracted to them – not because someone said it is that way. Furthermore, many things go into my understanding of my personal sexuality identity, such as the environment I was raised and the period I was raised.
As I mentioned, I went to church every time the doors opened as a child. I can remember as early as six years old this being routine. It developed a sense of religious perspective regarding sexuality, but the way my parents referred to each other and homosexuals was drastically different.
Their love for each other, as well as their friends acts towards their significant others, was a pure, true love. However, their disdain for homosexuals often caused them to refer to those choosing that lifestyles with derogatory slurs. This impacted my life, along with the religious element, to have no tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle. I did not want to be around anyone like that.
In those days, being gay was not a good thing. There was severe ridicule, persecution, and, sometimes, violence experienced by those “coming out of the closet.” Homosexuality just was not accepted; therefore, you were not gay. There were not many openly gay celebrities, either. It was not until I was grown did I start to see an influx of homosexuals into sitcoms. Nowadays, it is very uncommon to not see a gay couple portrayed in a sitcom. This has relieved my close-minded attitude towards the gay lifestyle and the homosexual sexuality identity.
My beliefs were further tested when my cousin “came out” and got married to another woman. All of a sudden, it became real. This was not just something I read about in an article or seen on a television sitcom, this was my family, and I loved her. It had nothing to do with the fact that her partner was not very pleasant (quite the contrary). It was the fact that I...

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