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Personal Responsability Essay

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Responsibility and success cannot be separated. Responsibility plays a major role in any successful endeavor; especially in college. College is a hard transition from teen life. As teens parents and teachers constantly check on us to insure we are successful. However, in college this becomes our responsibility. Responsibility plays a big role in life but it is often misunderstood because people downplay its significance. Responsibility means to accept the consequences of one’s choices and decisions. Responsibility is what determines results and/or outcomes. College success will depend on one’s ability to be responsible with daily choices and decisions.
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This is why education plays such an important role in society. Most cultures know that education helps everyone thrive. This is why it is a priority in most cultures. The cultures that do not understand education’s importance are usually the ones that misunderstand its purpose. When most people hear the word educate they often associate it with learning. A careful study shows that education is not the job of the teacher but that of the student. I looked up the word educate (”educate” n.d.). It comes from a Latin word Educere, which means to bring up, bring out, or to rear. Therefore to educate is not to place something in me but to bring out what is already inside. This is done through challenging me to be responsible for my own ability. Assignments are not being completed for a grade but to hold me responsible for the use of my ability. We lost this important fact because most of the time as children we were thought to be responsible because it pleased our parents. Responsibility became a task rather than a fulfillment.
When we were children we were taught the difference between right and wrong. It began when we were toddlers. If we put things in our mouths, we would be reprimanded. As an adolescent if we did chores in the home we would be rewarded. Those are the things we remember and carry with us throughout our lives. Then as teenagers with peer pressure, there is the possibility of making poor choices. Such as smoking, drinking and hanging with the wrong crowd, could possibly have a devastating effect on your life. Choosing to not participate in negative behavior and surrounding yourself with optimistic people will garner more positive results. That’s why as adults it is vital that we make good decisions in our lives. Personal responsibility can play a positive role or a negative role in someone’s life. It all depends on how each person accepts it.
Personal responsibility and college success are intertwined. Success is a responsibility. You have to make a conscious effort to complete assignments and meet deadlines. We are all here willing to also take responsibility for our future as well. While I am attending classes I am accountable for the time and effort that is required to succeed. I learned this personally during a setback I had with one of my assignments.
During the second week in this class I had suffered a setback. I was unable to log on to the University of Phoenix’s ecampus website. Originally, I thought it was my desktop computer. Therefore I tried my laptop. It too would not work. Then I tried my phone. After these failed attempts I called one of my classmates and asked for her help....

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