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Personal Reflection Paper

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Trauma is when a person is exposed in a situation where a person is involved in a serious injury or threat to their lives. Every person suffers at some point in their life through problems, injuries, or deaths of loved ones or suffer through traumatic events. We as human services providers will listen to many traumatic events, problems, and suffering stories of the clients that help. Some stories may be worse than others and harder to listen too. Vicarious trauma is the process in which the professional has gone through a shift on the way they see themselves, others and the world do to listening too or getting attached to the client traumatic experience (Kress, 2004).
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Do to me being like that I will have to learn to avoid vicarious traumatization in my career. There are strategies that we can do to prevent vicarious traumatization, which consist of getting professional help, by going to a counselor or therapist that can help you with your problems. By working out your problems in your personal life, and working out through a lot of the hard times can help you not to think too much about the problems at home, with family or loved ones.
Other strategies are keeping an open mind when it comes to working with a person or talking to another person, by keeping an open mind it can help you understand and learn that every person is different and they all have different values, beliefs, goals, and lifestyles, so we should not judge. Also by maintaining clear boundaries when it comes to the clients, you must know the boundaries between a client and the professional, and you can come up with your own boundaries that can help you. Stay positive, optimistic, and happy, by doing yoga or taking some time off from your daily life, by taking a day off from work and just enjoy being with your family or take a small vacation or a day by yourself to help you relieve all of the stress that you have. Keep your personal life away from your work life, and the problems separate between your personal problems and work problems, when getting to work try to put your personal problems aside. Control your needs, and control your mind which is related to self-management, you need to get a sense in control of your thoughts, emotions, problems, and stress. Also trust yourself, in your beliefs, values, and goals, and trust others ability to meet his or her emotional needs. Try to understand that you cannot let your emotions get to you, when being at work and working with a patient or client.
This strategies will help many people not let other people’s problems or trauma get to them or make them feel that they are less than another person or make them change the way they see others. These strategies and tools will help each person differently, and will be able to help others that have the same problem. It will help me be able to keep an open mind and be able to stay positive, and be grateful for my life. These strategies can also help those to stop invidious comparison, which consist of people that compare themselves to others or are jealous of others’ lives.
Invidious comparison can cause a person to be unhappy about their lives and compare themselves to others, like actresses or random people in their community or a person that they see at the store. By comparing yourself to others, means comparing how they look, dress or in the way they act or talk to others. Sometimes you even compare on how happy they look or the family they have or the things that they have, for example cars, houses, cell phones and money. Many people do that in an everyday just without thinking about it, it can be a habit. I as a human being...

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