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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing is defined by the American Nurses Association as an act of safeguarding and upholding health and capabilities, preventing disease and harm, easing distress by offering diagnosis and treatment of any diseases that threaten the existence of the human race, and advocate for better care for individuals and communities in general (American Nurses Association, 2004, p. 7). Having a personal philosophy in this field is important. Philosophy refers to beliefs, and values of an individual that help reveal underlying values and belief about a field (Watson, 2008, p.259). ...view middle of the document...

The set of values and beliefs are, therefore, a product of knowledge obtained from diverse areas such as family members, school lectures, and interaction with professionals in the nursing field. My horizon continues to be broadened as I continue to see the beauty of Nursing. The lessons from nursing continue to manifest to me that I am part of something precious and that human beings must at all times strive to help each other. In this essay, I will explore the key values and beliefs I hold dear with regard patients, medical practitioner my work ethics and the society.
Personal philosophy
The nursing field
Nursing to me is more than a profession and in no way can a single phrase come close to illustrating the nature of this field. It goes beyond treating and taking care of the sick. Nursing to me is a model through which the human civilization can serve one another and as such it continues to evolve. A nurse should possess a sense of commitment and desire to help fellow human beings in need. According to Masters (2005) caring acknowledges what is critical to a patient and shapes the provision of nursing care (p.11-19). Nursing and caring are two intertwined issues that go hand in hand. Many people refer to nursing as caring.
Nursing all-time goal is to prevent, treat and care for people who are sick. As such its nature is founded on science and medical knowledge and all nurses must acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve this goal. We live in a changing world and nursing industry changes with it and as a professional nurse I will continue to update myself with emerging practices to ensure I give the best service to humanity.
Nursing and patient care
When adressing the issue of nursing and patient care my personal philosophy will focus on an all-inclusive, patient-centered care. Inclusivity helps in understanding the interrelationships of people biologically, psychologically, spiritually and socially. It emphasizes the importance of the whole as compared to the sum total of all the parts (Fowler, 2008 P.14). By having a holistic patient approach, I will create an environment where nurses can easily connect with their patients. Consequently, the relationship will help nurses understand patient's values. Thus approach goes beyond the physical wellbeing of the patient and takes into consideration mental, emotional and spiritual health.
Patients who are comfortable are in a better position when it comes to handling their illness, and thus their health is recovered faster than patients who feel uncomfortable (Malinowski & Stamler, 2002 p.67). Comfort is an indispensable constituent in nursing. I will always strive to ensure my patients are comfortable both emotionally and mentally. It is important for patients to play an active role in their care and thus I will establish a collaborative relationship in order to ensure their needs are met.My philosophy will be geared toward building trust with my patients since trust is the...

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