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Personal Philosophy Of Guidance Essay

1370 words - 6 pages

Ledesma, Maureen Antonette B.
M.Ed in Guidance-Year 1

Prof. Evelyn Alobba

A Personal Philosophy of Guidance

My personal philosophy of guidance, as a future counselor someday, is to guide an individual live a life of happiness and contentment in the midst of a discontent world. For an individual to achieve this, I will help her realize and achieve his or her full potentials through growing in spirituality.
Spirituality, for me, is having and maintaining a personal relationship with the Creator--God. As a Christian, I believe spirituality is very significant in an individual’s life. Personally, my own spirituality helped me become the person that ...view middle of the document...

Clients who want to know their own purpose in life and want to live life in full satisfaction can also be addressed with the help of this kind of guidance. Jonathan Rollins once stated that “a growing number of studies suggest a positive connection between active religious faith and various measures of psychological well-being, including career satisfaction, the ability to cope, a sense of meaning and purpose in life and overall levels of happiness.”
In other words, clients who desire to find career satisfaction, have difficulty for coping especially in the midst of adversity, and simply those who just wanted to find meaning even in simple things that leads to true happiness, could be helped by this kind of counseling. If a client desires to have a holistic healing, then this is for him/her.
According to Nicki Riddell Tiffany, spirituality is an important part to one’s healing. He even emphasized that it has many facets, including awareness of the world that surrounds us; a sense of wonder, love, and gratitude; a practice of loving-kindness towards ourselves and others; listening to our intuition and trusting our heart. I believe that all these things mentioned are necessary in the field of guidance knowing that Guidance and Counseling, as R.A. 9258 (Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004) stated, is “a profession that involves the use of an integrated approach to the well-functioning individual primarily by helping him/her utilize his/her potentials to the fullest and plans his/her abilities, interests and needs.”
One person told me before that a spiritual crisis in some people’s lives may result in upheaval and crises in the rest of their lives. It just goes to show that it is possible for a well-functioning individual to experience difficulty in utilizing his/her potentials well because he/she lacks spirituality.
In guidance, I think individuals would only get a better understanding of themselves when they reach a state of awareness, or self-realization. In line with this, I believe that through growing spiritually and having a personal relationship with God, it will be easier for an individual to reach this kind of state. It will also be a renewing and refreshing kind of experience for him/her since they are encouraged to trust in Someone that is far greater than we could ever imagine. It is also in spirituality that we realize our own purpose and see the true meaning of life and eventually learning to live a life of contentment and happiness.
The process of counseling in this aspect should start with a needs assessment in the clients’ spirituality. Asking open-ended questions is a good way to begin exploring about the clients’ needs. In this way, the counselor can keep track on the spiritual growth and maturity of a client if ever he/she has one. This is also important for the counselor to have a gist of the over-all concern of the client as well as to have an awareness of the client’s...

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