Personal Philosophy In Education Essay

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KJ Courtney
EDU 210
Dr. Wolf
April 27, 2016
Personal Philosophy
There comes a time in most people’s lives when they think about what they truly believe. For me, this was these past few weeks. I sat down and really thought about my beliefs about education. I thought about my beliefs on children, the value of education, and the role of teachers. These thoughts helped me to form my own philosophy about education as a whole. This will be important for me becoming a teacher because there will be times when all of my beliefs may be questioned and/or tested by either myself or others.
One of these beliefs (and the most important thing to know) is that all children have the ability, and right to ...view middle of the document...

Just because a student doesn’t understand something in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that student won’t understand later or in a different context. As a prospective teacher this belief would cause me to never give up on any student and to utilize different teaching strategies. So my teacher started to give me these examples but worded it in a way that I completely understand…baseball. I just acted like the three sides of the triangles were a fielder trying to make the perfect route to get to a ball and it worked out perfectly. This was another example of a student understanding the material but just having to learn about it in a different way.
Learning isn’t just about believing that all students can learn; it’s about knowing that everyone needs the life skills taught in school. Some of the things we learn in school, we use every day outside of school. Basic English is necessary because potential employers or colleges will not take you seriously if you cannot properly utilize the English language. Also, while most students dislike math; it is one of the most important subjects to know, especially basic algebra, because it is the foundation for all other math and is commonly used by everyone. I was at work one day and all of the computers crashed. We had to check people out the old fashioned way; we took out our pad of paper made for situations like that and started checking people out. Although we had calculators, we still had to know how to figure out taxes on what they were buying and if they wanted to leave a certain percentage for a tip we had to know that operation as well. Another example of needing to know these life skills is using proper grammar. There is a big difference between “Slow children crossing” and “Slow, children crossing.” The smallest mistakes are often the ones that can change the whole meaning or your sentence. It is important for students to have a strong foundation in these subjects which is why when I’m teaching I will make sure each student had a good understanding of these topics. The chances of anyone progressing extremely far in life without proper knowledge of these important life skills is slim, which brings me to my next point.
Having a good education will get a person much farther in life. Some people have figured out a way to live sufficiently with only a high school diploma or GED, but it’s not easy. Research data shows that people with more advanced education make more money annually than people without. Likewise, quite a few high school athletes have a notion in their head that they can make it far in life on their sports ability alone, but the chances of getting drafted to any professional sports team directly from high school are not very high. Having a good education is also beneficial for helping to solve basic life problems that people encounter every single day. High school athletes that decide to follow their sport to the collegiate level are even required to have a minimum GPA in order to be...

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