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Personal Perception Essay

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime

Angela Garlets


Jack Tandy



Crime can be defined in many ways. Everyone has their own opinion on how crime is defined. Organized crime consists of a group of people that seek to do harm on others for wealth or to prove a point. We cannot underestimate organized crime groups because of the danger factor. All we have to do is be prepared and know how to deal with them. The way that some groups are successful is that they are able to outsmart people and to be able to pay off some of those people.
Organized Crime
I would define organized crime as crime that is committed by a group of 2 or more people. ...view middle of the document...

Which in turn will overpower law enforcement with corruption and infiltrate the legal economy. Organizational crime is the patron-client network that works with smaller groups with a network. These groups compose of fraternal or nepotistic value systems and hierarchies based on forming family and social traditions. Entrepreneurial involves an individual criminal or a small group of organized criminals. This is where one organized crime group will sell and trade products to one another. This keeps the criminal enterprise going and the groups stay rich and wealthy.

Characteristics of Organized Crime
The characteristics of organized crime groups is team work, Authority planning and a reserve fund. Team work involves the people of the group to work together to help make the business work successfully. Each person is given responsibilities so each member is carrying the work load evenly. The authority process is when one person is put in charge of the group or called the president or master and then a vice president to fill in for the president when he and or she cannot be present at certain events or meetings. Then a person is appointed treasurer to keep track of the funds and money. Groups have a reserve fund account to be able to pay off certain assets that are...

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