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Personal Leadership Model
In order to respond to society and the world it must begin with a decision to act in the true sense of the word leadership. There is no right or wrong model of leadership and to make a better world, society needs a variety of leadership models in place. In other words, leadership doesn’t have to be a formal, exalted position. It is rather as the definition states: taking actions in any setting which will bring about change by motivating others (Millard, 2008). Furthermore the group does not have to be a formal group to accomplish a common goal or shared vision. One’s essence of true leadership is embodied by a framework of values, behaviors of values, sense of purpose and impact of contributions that I as a leader can refer to as one explores different models of leadership over the course of one’s life
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Respect is also important to me so I make it a point regardless of others behavior towards me, to treat them as the old saying goes “The way I would want to be treated.” Additionally I believe that teams and building is important for an organization to survive and putting in place team exercises promote a healthy organization. I too value commitment. I see commitment in the sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR) so I am committed to making positive contribution to society.
Areas of Focus
I would like to be known for always following through which is why I value integrity. No one likes to be talked down to or disrespected, so in return members of our team treat each other’s fairly and with the upmost respect. Team building activities improves and reduces conflicts between team members, increase awareness of each individual's worth and usefulness, as well as bonding and binding the team together for the common good of the organization (Rose 2010). Lastly the commitment to CSR I will only do business with those that support and promote this responsibility.
Having an organization in which everyone is committed to finishing the job will have great value. Working in a team based organization will help members not only respect one another but also provide members to recognize each members worth or contributions. It is possible to achieve success the demanding market without compromising one’s ethical principles yet it can be down by promoting corporate social responsibility.
As I continue to explore life and the many different leadership models I understand things may change. Yet, I hold true to my values now.

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