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Personal Impact Paper

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Personal Impact Paper

The personal impact that chronic disease has on patients, is extremely devastating. "Mention of chronic Lyme disease raises temperatures, not only among patients, but also among the experts who are trying to untangle exactly what chronic Lyme disease is" (Rowe, 2000 pg1). With a chronic disease, such as Lyme disease LD patients are faced with many challenges. Some that will be outlined in this paper. Which are social, financial and personal effects that this disease can have on a person. As well as what a patient has to go through when learning about their disease and living through the experience. Lastly, this paper will touch on the motivators that can be ...view middle of the document...

This young girl at the age of 11 was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and after a year of feeling sick and symptoms getting worse. For example, she experienced symptoms of weakness, joint pain, fever, rashes, and flu like symptoms. Then, she was diagnosed with LD. This is when she started her long road of treatments and testing. She received thirteen months of antibiotic therapy and continue to feel the same symptoms as she did before. During all of that treatment she also, did a course of testing such as spinal taps, bone scan, MRI's, EKG's and a PICC line insertion. She began to feel the personal effects that this chronic disease was having on her. She began to feel isolated from her friends, her friends didn't understand how she was feeling because she looked to be so normal and didn't understand how she could be sick. Having to consistently example herself became a chore. Not only was this taxing on her but her parents as well due to the insurance company not covering all the cost of the extensive treatment and testing that as to be done to correctly diagnosis and treat this disease. Health insurance were denying treatment. Adding more stress to families.
The educational experience for the patient while learning about her chronic disease was all documented. This young girl did something amazing with her experience and she used it to help raise awareness. She began a blog and in that blog she has her story, signs and symptoms of early detection, and other websites to go and research. This young girl that started as such a young age, with such a debilitating disease, used her learning experience plus used it to help others just like her. The main issues that arose when dealing with Lyme disease was mostly emotional which stemmed from dealing with pain. When learning to how to battle with these symptoms it became difficult especially when dealing with people that don’t understand the disease themselves. This young girl learned early on that she had to surround herself with people that understood her and her disease; as well as people that don’t drain her of her energy. Due...

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