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Health Education 44
Chapter 1

1. Health simply means the antithesis of sickness. To others, it means being in a good
physical shape and able to resist illness.
Wellness is to include a wide array of factors that lead to positive health status. Wellness also includes a healthy “quality of life” which implies that there were lives of health in each category.
Health promotion describes the educational, organizational, procedural, environmental, social and financial supports that help individuals and groups reduce negative health behavior and promote positive change.
Disease prevention: means taking positive actions now to avoid becoming sick later. There ...view middle of the document...

These differences will be exist because men and women’s body structure will not change, it remain the same.
4. The leading causes of death by age:
All ages - Diseases of the heart
Under 1 year - Congenital anomalies
4. Unintentional injuries
14. Unintentional injuries
24. Unintentional injuries
44. Unintentional injuries
64. Malignant neoplasm
65+ Diseases of the heart

It is important to look at these statistics report by age because we understand how and why the cause of death. According to the report, from age 1 to 44, the leading cause of death is unintentional injuries. That tells us that people in the younger age (under 44) are dead by accident more than other diseases.
Base on this statistics report, I would choose a safe living life style.

5. HBM stands for Health Belief Model, to show when beliefs affect behavior change.
Theory of Reasoned Action – Our behaviors result from our intentions to perform actions. An intention is a product of our attitude toward an action and our beliefs about what others may want us to do.
Many chronic smokers know the risks yet continue to smoke because they do not believe that they will be affected by a problem. They act as if they have some kind of community to it, and unlikely to change their behavior. In some cases, they may think that even if they get cancer or have a...

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