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Personal Health Record Essay

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Personal Health Record (PHRs)
Nursing Informatics
Oluwatoyin Abolarin
Dr. Randolph Schild

The purpose of this paper is to generate information in regards to Personal Health Records (PHRs) in relation to the nursing profession. The emergence of PHRs came to light as a collective result of our complex set of medical needs, increasing need for timely access to health information’s without jeopardizing our privacy rights as patients, increasing advancement in technologies and pressure to reduce cost of effectively healthcare delivery.
I will be providing different definitions of PHRs, types and general features. I will support my definitions will existing literatures to ...view middle of the document...

Lee (2009) identified the concept of the PHR as those that “includes an electronic application enabling individuals to access and manage their own lifelong health information, and to share all or parts of such information with other individuals or care providers or authorized persons in a secure and confidential environment”. Looking at more literature, “The Markle Foundation’s Common Framework states that the key characteristics of a PHR are that the patient controls his or her own PHR, that the information is from the patient’s entire lifetime, the PHR contains information from all providers, is accessible from anywhere at any time, and is both private and secure” (Kannry, p. 594).
There are active debates about the power of PHRs in the literature but there are general consensus on the fact that they facilitate active interactions; for example, when patients collect and monitor daily health data e.g blood pressure, educate themselves on health information thereby increase knowledge, and challenge, inquire and probe health information especially, their own personal data.
The potential of patients actively engaging in their health and general wellness is dramatically enhanced by PHRs It is also very helpful to the community wellness, “In terms of population health, fully operationalized PHRs give epidemiologists, researchers, and policy makers vehicles to mine and analyze data; disseminate health education and alerts; access and enroll consumers in trials, pilot projects, and ongoing initiatives; and conduct program evaluation (Lee, 2006. p.26).
Literature has identified 3 main types of PHRs, “these include the stand-alone formats (e.g., PC, USB drive), Web-based formats (e.g., Microsoft HealthVault, Dossia consortium), and integrated PHRs with EHRs (e.g., My HealtheVet of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)” (Kim & Nahm, 2012). While most of the available literature favor the integrated PHRs with EHRs, studies has shown that more patients are expected to use PHRs as more physicians implement EHRs that are tethered with patients PHRs (Taha,, 2013. p. 1124).

Empowerment of consumers
PHRs facilitates interaction of patients with their healthcare thereby patients are empowered by having access to their health record and can also control and manage their health information. They determine who they give access to and in what capacity and extent. Patients are also empowered by the information they can access and knowledge they develop through those information.
Lee (2006) introduced a web-based PHR (Iowa PHR) containing an interactive user friendly self-assessment and nursing feedback field with an interface that allows patients to follow health condition trends. The study showed that patients were empowered by the usefulness of the information they provided to their healthcare provider through the system. Patient have a better understanding of the importance of providing accurate...

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