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Goals are the end toward which effort is directed (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2008). Goals are subjective, differing from person to person. Some people put all there efforts into obtaining professional goals, others choose to put all their effort towards their personal goals; neither of which I believe end with positive results. I believe there need's to be a balance between business and a persons personal life. This would make my ultimate goal possible and that is to be happy.My professional short term goal is to initiate the EBP (evidence based practice) project on my progressive care unit at BGSMC (Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center). Several of my coworkers and I are currently ...view middle of the document...

Income will be needed to raise my son, send him to college, continue on with my education and to obtain other goals in my future.I have many different personal goals. I just recently became a member at the YMCA; I am trying to lose 15 pounds and tone up my abdomen. My goal is to work out for 1-2hrs 4 times a week. I plan on walking 5 miles on March 1, 2008 for the cardiac walk with my coworkers. Finishing this paper and passing this class are other short term goals of mine. My sister may move to Arizona to live with me this summer if accepted into master's program at Arizona State University, my goal is to help her succeed in her dream of becoming a lawyer by providing her with the moral support and financial assistance that she will need to get through law school. In the future I would like to find mister right, get married on a beach, buy a house somewhere warm, travel around the world and possibly have another baby. First I would like to finish school and start my career as a FNP. I want to become more financially and emotionally stable before making any major life altering decisions. I am now just focusing on spending time with my 8 year old son, getting him through second grade, focusing on my career and succeeding in school.When discussing goals people have to keep in mind a persons support system, resources available to them, their work ethics and what is needed for them to achieve the goals that are set. While one may be able to fulfill his or her goals without one or more of these things, adversities can deter many from obtaining their goals. Support and understanding from my family and friends would be a significant tool in helping me achieve my goals. It may also be useful to have mentors help to guide me along my chosen path to success. Financial assistance will also be needed to continue on with my learning process and to support my son and I. Self-discipline, further education and experience are also required to be successful in my future role as an FNP.Milestones should be acknowledged and celebrated; they should be something someone feels proud of and feels good about. My milestones for my professional goal will be obtaining my BSN, getting accepted into the FNP program and initiating EBP project into my work place. In my personal goals milestones include; typical milestones of raising a child, such as being successful in school, going to junior high, their first school dance, drivers license and graduation. Other...

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