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Personal Ethics Essay

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Personal Ethics

Tami Anderson, RN
Grand Canyon University
NRS 437V

Ethics are defined as the moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior in life. Every person will have their own set of ethical principles to which they lead their life and make decisions. The basis of ethical decision making corresponds with one’s own morals and personal values. Morals are the set of a standards for behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do, the foundation of right and wrong. Personal values may vary greatly from one person to the next. There are hundreds of qualities in life and people that can be considered to be values for any given ...view middle of the document...

Nursing, for me, is not just about caring for a person while they are ill or injured, it is about making a true connection with people and helping them learn and grow to better their health and the health of those around them. In the world of sales it is said that word of mouth is the strongest tool for success. In health care the same methods can be used to create a healthier world. By treating patient’s today and implementing strong education practices, we can continue to help that patient and their loved ones through the education provided to avoid potential illness and injury in the future. Every patient we encounter is in need of something, and generally one thing that they are in need of is attention or compassion from other people. By including the foundational value to care for all others as you wish to be cared for or how you would care for your own family, we can touch the hearts of patients without any effort at all.
In nursing there are situations where personal opinions may hamper the quality of care provided and can potentially become a large ethical dilemma. The most common scenario, and one I have personal experience with, is correctional health care. In the corrections systems it is easy to immediately judge your patients because they are of course the inmates. I worked in a county correctional facility for two years and during that time I saw many occasions where our nursing pledge to do no harm was easily forgotten. There are always patients who may be less than desirable, but that should never change our duty to care for people. I was one of two people on the health care team who agreed to care for a handful of patients that the rest of the staff refused to. After learning about the patients (inmates) criminal history, the majority of the staff refused to help or care for them. One of the initial policies in correctional health care, is that we do not need to know what crimes they have committed, but only what medical care they need unless the patient is violent and our safety could be in danger. This policy makes complete sense and I felt that at least I knew these people are criminals. We never...

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