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Personal Ethics Essay

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October 28, 2012

Personal Ethics
Ethics is a systematic study of and reflection on morality (Purtilo). It assists individuals to differentiate between choices given in a situation. The author of this paper will examine how her personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to worldview and philosophy of nursing, how these values shape or influence nursing practice, how they conflicts with obligation to practice, while defining values, moral and ethics.
Many individuals go through life looking for answers; some answers are easy and well defined, while some poses a challenge to comprehend. As nurse I am called upon to provide answers, but these answers and gestures are ...view middle of the document...

My moral values have allows me to take charge of my personal professional growth, by participating in continued learning opportunities, giving guidance to nursing students and new graduates. Although as a nurse I strive to uphold my moral values there are instances that arise causing the undoubting task of questioning myself; “I am being responsible, honest and caring” At this point in my practice I am faced with an ethical dilemma.
Ethics are principles that govern one’s behavior (Oxford Dictionary). Nurses are guided into practice by the profession Code of Ethics. An ethical dilemma is a common type of situation that involves two (or more) morally correct courses of action that cannot both be followed (Purtillo, 2011. p. 57). Whenever I encounter an ethical dilemma this create stress and anxiety regarding my practice. I was once caring for an elderly lady who has been admitted for pneumonia. During her care she stated she would like to go home by Friday as on Saturday her first grandchild is graduating university and she would not miss it for the world. She reminded her medical team of this fact daily. Her Doctor showed up on Friday morning wrote discharge orders, upon doing her final discharge assessment it was noted she had fever -101.30 at 6am and now 11am her temperature 102.60 she appeared flushed, lethargic her overall assessment was definitely not as good as the day before. When questioned patient reported she was fine when the doctor came in , but after getting out of bed and was preparing for home she began feeling tired and wiped out. I explained my assessment finding to the patient and advised her I will need to report same to the doctor patient said...

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