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Personal Development Plan Essay

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Personal Development Plan Template

|Name: P’ng Hui Yin |Student number: SIB15034 |Date plan created: 30/9/2015 | Module leader’s name: Miss Gwee Sai Ling |

|Performance goal or competency addressed |Development goal |Activities |Resources needed |How will you measure progress or |Key learning and application |
| |Do (verb) + What + Why (Desired |Do (verb) + What + Why (Desired Outcome) | |implementation ...view middle of the document...

) | |
| |support achievement of career goals.) | | | | |
| |Current: Competent enough but nervous |-I will avoid myself to read directly |-Self improvement website on |-Have a discussion |Deadline |-My presentation skills will |
| |- Fail to establish rapport with |from the notes or power point slide but |internet |with my team member |31/12/2015 |improve and I can become a |
| |audience |improve myself in eye contact with the | |after every | |confident presenter in class even |
| |- Anxiety gives me stress and brings |audience when presentation. |-Public speaking reference books |presentation | |speaking in front of crowd. |
| |negative energy to my presentation | |from library | | | |
| | |-I will use English everyday in my class | |-Ask for advice from | |-Able to stay relax and focus under|
| |Development Goal: I would like to |or outside the classroom, so that I can |-Mentor from lecturers in college|lecturer about my | |pressure so that I can speak |
|Presentation Skills |improve my presentation skills in the |stimulate my behavior to always use | |presentation | |fluently, comfortably and adjust my|
| |future. |English habitual even daily conversation.|- Videos, audio or authentic |performance | |speech as necessary |
| | | |conversations in English | | | |
| | |-I will hone my presentation skills | |-Ask for feedback from| |-Presentation skills will be useful|
| ...

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