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Personal Communication Essay

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Introduction To Personal Communication

Introduction To Personal Communication
Communication is a general term meaning the process of acting on information. There are different types of communication. The different types of communication include human communication, impersonal communication, and interpersonal communication. Human communication is the process of making sense of the world around us and sharing that information with the people around us through verbal and nonverbal messages. This communication may include speaking to others as well as hand gestures, writing, and body language. Impersonal communication is a process that occurs when we treat others as objects rather than unique individuals. An example of impersonal communication may include when a person is talking to a police officer or their boss. They are communicating to a specific role instead of the ...view middle of the document...

I use interpersonal communication in my daily life, because it lets me express my thoughts and feelings to others. I communicate with not only my family but my coworkers and friends on a daily basis. Being allowed to communicate helps me to express many emotions and feelings about home and business matters. If a person is unable to communicate, it may lead to depression and loneliness. As United States citizens, we were given the freedom of speech, and this one of the greatest rights a person can have and exercise.
According to Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond (2011), the five principles of interpersonal communication are it connects us to others, is irreversible, is complicated, is governed by rules, and involves both content and relationship dimensions. The principle that I have witnessed and been a part of last was irreversible. I was at work and happened to overhear two of the nurse aides arguing over how the patient was to be transferred into bed. As I approached, the conversation got quite a bit lower because they knew what they were doing was unprofessional. They told me to disregard all that I have overheard. This is hard for me to do since I am in charge of the unit. I pulled them aside and provided them each with assignment sheets that tell how each patient is to transfer in and out of bed. Although they were already given a copy at the beginning of the shift, they acted surprised. My coworkers are also my friends, so it is not always easy to reprimand them for misbehaving. When a plan of correction is put into place, they seem to interact with me with impersonal communication. I become that authoritative figure until they get over it and then we go back to interpersonal communication. Communication is not always easy, but it is necessary for everyday life.


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