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Personal Code Of Tethics Essay

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My Personal Code of Ethics

My personal values act as a basis for distinguishing between right and wrong and thus, determine my daily actions and emotions. My father and education have played profound roles in the development of my core personal values: personal integrity, excellence, responsibility, family and ambition. Additionally, these influences have demonstrated certain rule-based, ends-based, and virtue-based approaches to determining what conduct is consistent with these key values.
Through his own actions, my father has taught me to always put my family first, and to evaluate the morality of my potential actions with an ends-based approach by considering the ...view middle of the document...

Some of my father’s siblings were continuously kicked out of school and eventually gave up on their educations. Instead of following suit, my dad worked tirelessly, ended up getting his United States citizenship and became one of the top air traffic controllers the United States Air Force has ever had. With regards to his goals and education, he demonstrated egoism – enlightened self-interest and a focus on what would provide the most good for him in the long-run (Gower, 2008).
As a result of my background, I place a special emphasis on maintenance of personal integrity, pursuit of excellence, acceptance of responsibility, love of family and achievement of ambitious goals. I have high expectations for myself with regards to my actions; on at least a weekly basis, I take time to reflect on who I am and how that compares to my best possible self. My actions make me who I am, so it is important that I honor the following commitments in all of my actions, both personal and professional (Georgetown University, n.d.):
* A commitment to doing in my heart what I know is just and right.
* A commitment to performance that produces exceptional results and quality as a way of life.
* A commitment to valuing the trust and confidence of my family, friends, co-workers, employers and/or clients and community.
* A commitment to spending time with my family, supporting them in all of their endeavors and making them proud.
* A commitment to my personal image of what can be and my belief that it will be; a commitment to setting goals and systematically working towards achieving them.
Code of Conduct
Conduct consistent with my value of personal integrity:
1. I will not change who I am for others, and I will stand up for my beliefs even when they are unpopular.
Explanation: If I’m not confident in myself and respectful of what I believe, then I cannot expect others to exhibit confidence in me and respect my beliefs.  While it may be uncomfortable for me when other people disagree with my actions, and while my unpopular actions may not yield the most positive outcomes for me, my ethical decision making is often rule-based and virtue-based rather than consequence-based. To me, my motives (ex: honoring my commitment to respect individual human dignity) and my virtues (ex: personal integrity) are better determinants of my own morality than are the consequences of my actions (ex: being unpopular with my co-worker or not getting a promotion
Dr. Seuss said it best- “Be who are you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  The people who truly care about my well-being will not try to change me, even if they do not always agree with me. Instead, they will accept me for who I am and acknowledge my right to have different beliefs than them. While I may be disappointed as I come across “those who mind,” Dr. Seuss’s advice will ultimately help me recognize “those who matter.”
2. I will treat people...

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