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Personal Assessment Essay

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Personality Assessment

University of Phoenix – Online

Dr. James Bell


The following paper looks at three different personality assessment tools, Meyer-Briggs, Rorschach, and Self-help books. It describes each of them and considers the strengths and weakness of each. It also attempts to provide a brief background on each tool as well.

Personality Assessment
When it comes to understanding personality one must understand that there’s several personality indicators. Three of them are to be presented in this paper. Which are the Meyers and Briggs, Rorschach, and Self-help books. The similarities and differences in these assessments, I will attempt to ...view middle of the document...

Use a ballpoint pen and press down forcefully. Do not spend too much time concentrating on any one question. If you cannot decide on an answer, bypass that question and come back to it later. If you mark an answer incorrectly, do not erase but blacken in the box marked by mistake. There are 93 responses – Good Luck. Once you have completed the Myers-Briggs test you can tear along the perforated lines. Look on the inside and score your test.
The Raw Points are calculated by totaling the number of x’s marked in the E, I, S, N, T, F, J and P columns. The “total number” of X’s in ach section is added up. An individual can be (E) = Extraversion or (N) = Intuition; (S) = Sensing or (N) = Intuition; (T) = Thinking or (F) = Feeling; (J) = Judging or (P) = Perceiving. Whichever column has the highest number the most probable personality indicator. Indicators are measured in Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging (I, S, F, & J). Then you go to the Preference Clarity category and based on your preference you select your numbers. The numbers 11-13 mean Slightly in that category; 14-16 means Moderately in that category; 17-19 means Clearly in that category; and 20-21 means that you were very clear in that category.
The strength in this assessment is that an individual can find out more about his or her inner self. I would not recommend Myer-Briggs with children. Young and older adults can benefit from the test because they can find out how they like to view things and how they determine things. There’s a form that selects whether they believe that they are Extroverting or Introverting; Sensing or Intuiting; Thinking or Feeling; and Judging or Perceiving. The Myers-Briggs is designed to get the individual to know themselves better. This test measures personality traits; it’s interesting to see how an individual views oneself and how the test discloses something totally different in certain areas.
My personal experience with the Myers-Briggs assessment test was fascinating. I scored high in Extraversion as compared to Introversion. I measured high in Sensing as compared to Intuition. I measured high in Thinking as compared to Feeling. The test perceived me as high in Judging as compared to Perceiving. My Reported type was E, S, F, and J. As far as the Preference Clarity Category, I scored Moderate in Extraversion, Very Clear in Sensing, Clare in Feeling and Judging. The areas concerning whether or not you like to plan things or are you a spur of the moment person were thought provoking. “Important as this self-analysis is, it is only the beginning of the long process of learning how to modify your own behavior (Souerwine, 1978, p. 125).”
I found very few weaknesses with this particular personality assessment. I would like to note that in collecting responses if an item did not fit into a preference it was discarded thus leaving out a possible personality trait. Another weakness is that mood can influence the results for...

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