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“Ethics relies on exemplary character to make the difficult choices.” (William Institute, 2006, C.) Complete emphasis is placed on demonstrating qualities such as honesty, wisdom and integrity. This paper will give an analysis of my ethics awareness inventory assessment results. It will also attempt to compare my ethical perspectives to that of Kudler Fine Foods. According to (Yukl, 2006) Ethics in the workplace is to uphold a moral behavior, motivating employees to make the right choices. The market’s demand for high standards of conduct and ethical behavior forces organizations and individuals to strengthen their reputation. Codes of business conduct and ethics summarizes ...view middle of the document...

Kathy’s ethical value system is inline with the character perspective as she believes in the best quality for her customers. My ethical character perspective would help the Kudler organization by continuing to focus on the high quality of standards the stores offer. Leading by example, along with development of the employees, stressing the importance of integrity and morally correct to do.
My own personal and professional values.

The ethical awareness inventory identifies four major ethical belief, character, obligation, results and equity. The ethical awareness score further identifies my ethical profile to be most aligned to character and least aligned to equity. According to the ethics awareness inventory scoring summary; I tend to base my ethical perspective on what it is good to be, rather than what it is good to do (Williams Institute, 2006). Surprising enough this is true to my character. I am a big believer in seeing the good and high morals an individual offer.
Ethically speaking, we should focus on what is in a person’s heart and character. The ethics awareness analysis also recognized the importance I place on integrity and honesty (Williams Institute, 2006). Based on these results my ethical style relies on the ability of all to make morally sound decisions. Many organizations are moving towards high quality and standards and a perspective in ethical character is a benefit to a manager’s role. It is my belief that all individuals should be treated with the highest respect. My firm belief in honesty and integrity is a rule I follow. In turn I look for these traits, including evidence of honor and good quality of character. An individual can not choose between rights wrong if they did not have the character or high morals to begin with.
Aligning personal values with Kudler Fine Foods
I think my ethical perspective is in line with Kudler Fine Foods mission, and that is to provide the best, with integrity and honesty. Kathy’s has a strong desire to provide the best product to her customers. Her goal is to supply the best gourmet foods with the highest standards of customer service. Her mission statement sates “our experienced, helpful and knowledgeable staff merges to offer each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping outing” (University of Phoenix, 2010). The fact that Kudler Fine Foods discard inventory although they were good to sell, exemplifies her character to be good. The integrity of her words to make available the best...

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