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Personal And Professional Health Care Communication

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication
Priscilla Hickman
August 11, 2014
Michael Veal

Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

Health Care Communication is vital to the well being of patients in the health care setting. Clear and concise communication is key in the outcome of patient care. “Health communication is a multidimensional process and includes aspects from both the sender and
the receiver of the message” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p. 103). This paper will discuss the importance of effective personal health care communication with other health care professionals, clients, and patients, effects of communication to health outcomes, lack ...view middle of the document...

A patients anxiety is increased or decreased depending on the understanding of their treatment plan during their hospital stay. Effective communication influences the satisfaction of care. Active listening is part of effective communication. Communication is active listening from the sender. Nurses need to be active listener to patients in order to better understand patient and gain trust. There can be barriers anxiety, cultural, language, and religious. Having an understanding of these barriers can help build a relationship between the patient and staff. Understanding these barriers will allow the patient to feel comfortable and trust the staff. Patient will feel respected and cared for. This can allow patient to feel empowered. Caring and respect empowers the patient in which will encourage patient to take control of their own health.
Lack of effective communication can cause barriers between patients and staff. Patient attitude towards the care they are given can lead to mistrust. Mistrust can lead to patient not approving or understanding the care they are given. Patient will test nurses if they do not trust their caregivers. Lack of effective communication between staff can lead to errors and conflict.
Clarity, and concise communication is a key...

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