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Personal And Professional Development Essay

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The world gets more complex every day. There is only one way to cope up –through command of our mind. Thinking more effectively gives us greater control over our life, helps us deal better with adversity and transform more of our dream in to reality. Learning of Personal and Professional Development help to become an effective and confident self directed person and help become confident in managing own personal and professional skills to achieve personal and professional goals in life.

2.1 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning
The key areas for self management
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Try to keep up peaceful mind when doing a work.

2.2 Propose the ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged.
I should make a goal to my life. So then I can manage my works towards achieving the goal. It may be easy if I make a to-do-list and prioritize those works. I think the goal should be written in a paper and display it in a place where can see it properly. When seeing that it will motivate myself.
Always should make positive attitudes about myself that I can do that. By working according to time table stress will reduce. So errors that can happen will reduce and mind would be peaceful and this will improve my productivity. By keeping an image or a photograph at work place can makes my mind peace reduce the stress I have. This could be an image of the Lord Buddha or someone who I love most in my life can makes my mind peace reduce the stress I have. I trust that by looking that and thinking of it I can make my mind peace.

2.3 Evaluate the benefits of self managed learning.
Self-managed learning gives a chance to come up with our own strategies in learning. These make our long term quality, sustainability in the work place and minimize the cost. It makes stability in all changes of working place. The self managed learning gives innovative ideas which are necessary in work life and make creativity and emotion people. This make more confident in making decisions , because it leads to a better / clearer long term planning and thinking and also make more energy and participation in business process. This helps to build up good relationship with others. So can have benefits from external environment to the organization and the self and also create wider contact network.
Due to self managed learning we can realize the talents I have and use them productively, we can looking at ourselves in a new light with confidence and improve self image, can move forward with enthusiasm and with increased motivation. By setting goals, achieving them and setting ourselves further target targets increase self efficacy enabling us to achieve more, and enjoy the journey of personal growth on which I have embarked. By seeing our values we become more substantial and liking at ourselves with pride at our efforts and achievements we have got through. And also our self-esteem enhanced and life will become an existing adventure.

3.1 Evaluate own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives.
I want to be a manager in banking field or a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. This would be in either Sri Lanka or overseas.
To fulfill my ambition I have to finish my higher studies and also have to develop my skills which I already had. Time management, Conflict management, Stress management, Presentation skills, Anger management and Leadership skills are the areas that have to be developed. Below charts...

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