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Person Specification Essay

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Post Title Junior Sister/Charge Nurse How evidenced:
Factors 1 Qualifications

Band 6 I = Interview T = Test
How Evidenced A I

Department JVF ICU

A = Application Form
Essential Criteria ï‚· ï‚· RGN.

Desirable Criteria Teaching/assessment qualification. Leadership/management experience.

How Evidenced

Post registration qualification related to specialty.

ï‚· 2 Experience ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· 3 Knowledge ï‚· ï‚·

Diploma or equivalent. Relevant post registration. Relevant critical care experience. Skilled clinical practice. Awareness of reflective practice. Awareness of evidence based practice. Expert clinical knowledge. Ability to integrate ...view middle of the document...

This behaviour is outlined on the final page of this person specification. The following hazards are associated with this job role: Manual Handling Shift work including night shifts. A I Willingness to undertake additional roles. Willingness to accept alternative shift times. Understanding of current issues in critical care. Interest in teaching. Representation of unit/organisation in broader initiatives.

Corporate Person Specification Feb 12


Attending hospital is a stressful and anxious time for patients, carers and relatives. We will show empathy, sensitivity, compassion and understanding at all times.

Behaviour we expect
  treat everyone in a friendly, courteous manner; smile & make eye contact help anyone who appears lost listen to the wishes and preferences of patients treat patients & colleagues with dignity & respect understand people come from varied backgrounds; challenge bias, prejudice & intolerance follow the Trust procedures for hand hygiene maintain privacy and ensure confidential information is kept safe and secure learn from mistakes & ask for support where necessary respond promptly to call bells, telephones & other requests for help ensure appearance is professional & name...

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