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Person I Admire Essay

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Nelson Mandela is an African American leader who fought for the rights of his people. Through trials and tribulations he stood his ground and kept on fighting.

Nelson was a born leader and utilized his talents at an early age. When he was younger he used to take care of his family and make sure everything went right through all the injustice that society bestowed onto his people. Throughout his life Nelson Mandela watched as his people were mistreated and with this in mind he decided to join the African National Congress in 1942. Nelson got involved with the {ANC} in a big way. He became one of the youth leaders on the National Executive Council. Nelson along with the other members of the {ANC} were making great strides ...view middle of the document...

In the process of trying to correct all the wrong doings that was happening to his people Mandela was the victim of various forms of repression, he was banned and arrested.

Nelson Mandela is a very good man who helped his people and country. He went to jail for 27 year for that. People need him and he needs the people too. He has help me to believe in real humanity and dignity. He is a great man.

His leadership style, his humbleness, his vision and his persistence to hold on irregardless of the challenges he was facing. He has lived his purpose and his soul is in peace. He is truly a blessing to us all.

[Mandela gave the Freedom for all Africans not only south Africans blacks but also whites, so I do admire his sense of responsibility. Mandela empowered his people and history will give to him the place he deserves. May [God] bless his soul and his days in this world. He is a lover of peace. May his legacy be taught around the world, and I mean by that [allow] the children to learn about peace and how to eradicate injustice. Thanks to Nelson Mandela for showing to the world how to fight for freedom and how to love.

Mandela was a true nationalist, true Statesman , who selflessly spent 27 years in prison fighting for the freedom of all Afrikaners and South Africans in general. After his release, he took power for only five years, then he handed power successfully to Thabo Mbeki. This is different for most African Rulers who forcefully remain in power through stealing elections, for instance, Kenya, and Ivory Coast. Mandela honorably went to retire, and that's why I salute for the road he took to liberate his country. Long Live Mandela people like you will be forever remembered.

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