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Person Ethical Statement Essay

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Personal Ethical Statement
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Personal Ethical Statement

Developing your ethical values and acting upon your developed value is hard to master but over time you begin to see how to use it to your advantage. To master all four ethical lenses is a ongoing process which was hard to think of that way, never an end to it, always improving it, and drawing from others ideas and viewpoints is great way to start developing your own ethical lenses.
My personal ethical viewpoint on this simulation was it all boiled down to maturity, the maturity to tell mark he copied my research paper and turned it in for credits risking both our credentials in school and risking his getting expelled, basically not thinking ahead of his actions and ...view middle of the document...

My risk is inaction, in this ethical course I did consider taking inaction and let it ride out to see what would happen, maybe I could just rewrite the essay if he didn't get caught! A major strength would be seeing clearly, I listen to my hart and use my head to act with the most maturity and confidence possible, in this course I tried to assess the situation and how it would play out if I did pick a answer. I didn't hesitate on my answer cause to me it was correct ethically. I did realize that there was more than just one way of solving the problem then just by simply turning him in an getting him expelled rather I Decided to confront mark and insist about what he has done and the worst that happened was he got his grades docked down, because he chose to go to the professor after talking with me and explain his situation. Meanwhile, In the case of The Big Presentation, taking pictures for myself to use in the presentation to better help Lisa grade and mine, was the best choice because I got a lot of positive attention for the presentation and Lisa got a good grade, ended great in all.
In conclusion my values in Autonomy, Equality, Rationality and Sensibility truly helped me make my choices in this course and I'm happy with the results and in my view point I couldn't have done a better job but there is always room for improvement and I'm sure I could have picked more appropriate answers to better the situations of both our sides, in both of the dilemmas.

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