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Lead person centred planning
Person centred planning is an approach to empower service users to have control of their care package in place enabling them to live the life they want to. The plan is designed to be centred on that individual’s needs and preferences. The plan must be personalised to the individual having informed choices, options promoting independence. Personalisation of care packages could take away the responsibilities of the social worker leading to less availability of a social worker which in turn could possibly put more pressure on support workers requiring them to undertake specialist training to be able deal with assessing the individual’s needs. Having ...view middle of the document...

Family and friends can voice opinions and concerns which would be recognised and valued, this will give a forum for creativity negotiating conflicts around safety and desirability to improve a individuals life.
Capacities about what is important to an individual presently and in the future will determine what level of support the individual will require for them to make a valued contribution to the community.
Shared commitment to actions that recognises the individual’s rights is an on-going process of working together to make a difference and improve their quality of life.
Continual listening and learning to endeavour the individual gets as much out of their lives as possible may inform and inspire others to achieve greater things.
Incorporating care value base is essential fostering equality and diversity ,recognising individuals care needs, giving everyone the same quality and support by not treating everyone the same way, respecting and supporting the diversity of peoples lifestyles backgrounds and experiences, not to discriminate or stereotype and maintaining confidentiality at all times.
Incorporating these care base values into person centred planning will result in positive outcomes for individuals to reach goals in their lives, this as a whole can inform and inspire others to achieve greater things.

An individual can use a PATH plan in their person centred plan;
A path plan is a personalised graphic map on steps and support to achieve your goals and dreams.
Path stands for;
P planning
A alternative
T tomorrow with
H hope
There are 8 stages to a path plan, this is a diagram of a path plan, E:\Person Driven Plan.jpg

This type of plan may be useful for an array of people such as service users, families, staff, health professionals and other professional. All involved can follow a path plan to help individuals to work towards their goals which will enable them to achieve a better quality of live with commitment, support and dedication from people who know them.
The positives of a path plan are that the individual has a clear view of the goals set out for them to work towards. The individuals can see the progress they are making at all times knowing what is and what’s not working well for them. They can also the support network they have to help them achieve their goals and guide and support them when obstacles arise.
The negative side of path plans are that some individuals may find it overpowering and the goals set out unachievable to them. Some individuals may find it a long process and may not want to think long term. This plan may not suit some individuals and may need to be broken down into little steps to help them cope with the process.
Although this plan may be useful to some individuals who have the capacity to plan ahead and set themselves goals it could create a negative response from...

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