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Perks Of Being A Wallflower Character Journal Entries

816 words - 4 pages

Character List:
1. Charlie -
Charlie is a 15 Year old introvert boy who is trying to cope with his Best-friend's suicide by writing letters to a complete stranger. He explains his fears, problems, secrets and joys to this stranger.
2. Sam -
Sam is a high school Senior who befriends Charlie at their school’s football game, and is one of the main influences on Charlie’s life.
3. Patrick -
Patrick, also known as Pat, also known as Nothing, is Sam’s stepbrother, and is also a senior. Patrick is openly gay, and is in a secret relationship with Brad, the high school’s football quarterback.
4. Bob -
Bob did not have a huge role in the novel. He was the one who was hosting Charlie’s first ...view middle of the document...

The previous time I cried it was when my aunt Helen died on my seventh birthday. I feel guilty about her death, because she died in a car accident on her way to buy me a gift... I started writing to this person whom they told me would listen and not judge me in order to deal with the loss of my bestfriend. I started Highschool recently, it pretty much sucks, I have no friends, girls who used to be my friend now act as if they never knew me, and I'm being bullied by some guy named Sean... I kicked his sorry butt one day, it felt good! My English teacher is pretty awesom though, apart from books we are already supposed to read, he noticed my interest in reading, and now tells me about books I should read. I recently read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and I loved it! My teacher, Bill, and I are now on First name basis, it is pretty cool I tell him just about EVERYTHING, I told him about my sister and her abusive boyfriend, and he simply told me that we all accept the love we think we deserve.... Although I told Bill not to say anything, he proceeded to call my parents and tell them about how my sister's boyfriend hit her. Needless to say...

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