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Performance Review Takes A Page From Facebook

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Performance Review Takes a Page from Facebook

Human Resource Management Foundations
May 20, 2012

Performance reviews are an important, if not necessary, management obligation. Yet all too often it is not done well if at all. There are a many of reasons why performance appraisal is not as effective as it could be. The first is that many organizations do not have clearly established corporate objectives for undertaking performance reviews. Many supervisors, particularly in large organizations, routinely complete the required forms which are then filed and the subject not mentioned again until the next review period, usually a year hence. To be effective, there should be clear ...view middle of the document...

245). Nonetheless, it is imperative to think through the generation inclinations within the group. When a manager and employee has an informal conversation, that doesn’t constitute that an actual performance evaluation has occurred. There are guidelines that need to be followed to make sure that everyone is on the same page.   The performance evaluation process usually has a fixed schedule, some companies have the evaluation at the same time annually and others conduct the performance evaluation on the anniversary of employees start date. Managers should be well prepared for the feedback session by having all documents present and at the same time affording the employee time to obtain his/her documents.
Millennial employees were brought up in an era with constant assistance from parents; and so, they favor repeated and honest performance feedback. Baby boomers on the other hand, were brought up more self-regulating and earned their statuses, which results in their inclination for a lesser amount of interactive feedback. Generation X leans more in the direction of the Millennial inclinations concerning evaluation feedback. They too desire continuous feedback but it must be accurate, specific and timely. They want each feedback encounter to provide learning and career growth opportunities. Millennia’s want the continuous feedback but also demands clear direction, leadership and problem solving assistance. They want their superiors to be assessable just as their parents have been (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright 2011).
2. Compare and contrast the possible effectiveness of the social network performance review to the following age groups: veterans, baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y.
The social network performance evaluation is very operational with the younger generations verses the senior groups. Veterans and baby boomers were not part of the computer age. Majority finds technology intrusive, perplexing and redundant; consequently the social network performance review is more than likely to not be effective or well received with most baby boomers.
Relatively generations X and Y are technologically motivated. Generation X, like generation Y desires continuous performance reviews which makes the social network performance review effective. Generation X wants that feedback to be specific in how each goal and objective will improve their career growth and prospects. Generation Y, however, favors the social networking performance review to also be continuous but provide more precise guidance, direction and problem solving. Generation Y’s parents delivered this type of assistance and their parents resolved the problems, not the children. Consequently they have a shortage those skills in the workplace and rest on upon their managers for the same functions that their parents...

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