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Performance Review

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Annual Performance Review

Employee Name Cathy Smith
Title HR Receptionist
Date of Review Period 2010
Supervisor Name
Department Human Resource

Exceeds Expectations = 5
[employee has exceeded objective, time and quality] More Than Satisfactory = 4
[employee has slightly exceeded either time and/or quality] Satisfactory = 3
[employee has met objective, may be just under objective on time and quality] Less Than Satisfactory = 2
[employee has not met objective on either time or quality] Needs Improvement = 1
[employee far below on both time and quality]

Task Objective/Measurement Results Comments Ranking
Typing 96% accuracy 90% Employee is very close to meet an objective 3
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Provide log/checks to payroll by end of each day Payroll often calling for logs
Recruitment folders Created before job ad opens Files always ready Employee met and objective, but needs to prioritize and organize files in timely manners. 4
Applications properly filed Applications often misfiled, discovered when applicant calls.
Job hotline Recorded evening before job opens Recorded timely Employee met an objective

Information accurate and clear Information accurate, difficult to understand due to accent
Personnel forms Completes by weekly deadline Always behind, missing deadlines resulting in employee changes not processed timely Employee need a lot of improvement in accuracy and time management 1

98% accuracy 77% accuracy
Development Plan Score 37 of 75 pts overall. Employee performance does not meet company expectations. Individual needs to improve on time management, accuracy and customer service....

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