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Performance Of Ocbc Bank Essay

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banks performance over the last 10 years in terms of profitability, asset growth and product innovation.
The profitability of OCBC Bank over last 10 year was stable increased. In year 2002, OCBC Bank had S$667million of net profit. The next year, the net profit had rose 43% to S$954million. In year 2004, net profit was S$1162million and year 2005 was S$ 1298million. In year 2006, net profit had rose 54% to S$2002million. In year 2007, the net profit just increased 3% to S$2071million. However, the net profit of OCBC Bank in year 2008 decreased 16% to S$1749million. In year 2009, net profit increased again to S$1962millioin. Year 2010, net profit was S$2245million and it increased by 14% compared to previous year. In year 2011, net profit ...view middle of the document...

In year 2002, the total asset of OCBC Bank was S$84,051million. In year 2003 the total asset increased to S$84,497million. Next year, total asset had increased to S$121,935million. In the subsequent year, the total asset of OCBC Bank increased again to S$134,710million. For year 2006, the total asset increased to S$151,220million. In year 2007, OCBC Bank had increased their total asset to S$174,607million. Even net profit of year 2008 decreased compare to last year, the total asset of OCBC Bank still increased and reached S$181,385million. In the year 2009, total asset reached S$194,300million. In year 2010, total asset had increased to S$229,283million. For year 2011, total asset of OCBC Bank had reached a highest point which is S$277,758million.

Next, we compare the products and services of OCBC Bank provided recently to the past ten years, OCBC Bank is now more likely focus on quick and easy. By looking on the services it provide, we can have cards services, ATM services, premier services, property services, loan services, investment services and even insurance services. By looking on the cards services, OCBC Bank provides their customers to get their debit cards or credit cards less than 1 minute. When a customer transfers their debts from other banks to OCBC Bank, they enjoy a lower interest rate for 6 months. Sometimes, OCBC Bank will also provide seminars about investment to the public with free admission. Nevertheless, OCBC Bank even provides scholarship for students and public with some prerequisites. Internships are also provided by the OCBC Bank to all the fresh graduates, postgraduates and undergraduates. OCBC Bank is not only focus on their services provided to maximize their profit but also focus on their internal operations.

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