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Performance Management Plan Essay

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The memo below is a performance management plan you requested.

Alignment of performance management framework
An organization’s success relies on the standards set forth by the company’s principals and standards. It is the responsibility of the employer to develop topnotch standards and expectations that the employees are aware of and can strive to provide to the customers they serve. Employees should be provided proper training and education to best accomplish their tasks and job specific training needs to be managed. When beginning the initial performance appraisals there will need to be equal expectations and understanding of the goals set forth for the employee. To run smoothly it is ...view middle of the document...

With each specific position there will need to be a list of professional benchmarks in the initial trial period of employment and a clear expectation for both parties. Each position will require field specific skills and will need to be trained and held to the standards of those competencies.
Methods used for measuring the employee's skills
* Sales/Marketing- these individuals will need to be knowledgeable of the limousine marketing in the Austin area and be aware of how they can compete. They will need to be knowledgeable regarding the Internet and the ways to advertise to the market they are targeting.

* Customer Service- will need to be knowledgeable of the company’s operations various services and packages and scheduling availability. Competent in the ins and outs of the limousine interior and exterior options, and charge for various add ones. Professionalism and first interaction performance will be essential for the progress of company growth.

* Dispatcher-concerns for the welfare of the driver and passengers in the limos and the destination options and availability.

* Drivers/Chauffeurs- safety and confidence will be essential for the drivers directly catering to the needs of the customers. Clear driving records and accountability for actions behind the wheel will need to be clearly defined.

* Mechanic and detailers- whether this is determined to be an internal position or contracted to another company the vehicles will need to be properly...

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