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2) Should Performance Indicator's (PI) technology be universally adopted by golf ball manufacturers, the following effects may occur in the used golf ball market:

B - The customer's willingness to pay should increase, due in part to the improved quality of salable used golf balls. One assumes that resellers would not be able to sell the defective balls (i.e. those grayed from water damage) and thus, customers would be assured that any used golf ball purchased would be one free of this material defect. This assumption relies on the presumption that used golf ball buyers are concerned with the performance of their ball and/or that they would otherwise be deterred from playing with an ...view middle of the document...

Assuming that the gap between the price of new and used golf balls becomes smaller, one must consider the golfer's willingness to pay $X more for a new golf ball (e.g. used Top Flites may have previously sold for $12/dozen; if the post-PI price is now $15, would the golfer simply pay an additional $2 for brand new balls?).

3) Should PI's technology be universally adopted by golf ball manufacturers, the following effects may occur in the new golf ball market:

B - The customer's willingness to pay would likely remain constant, since PI's technology doesn't appear to have much of a tangible benefit for the new ball purchaser. This golfer is neither concerned with the quality of used golf balls nor are they seeing any benefits from the detection technology (i.e. it doesn't improve distance/control, and a new ball hit into the water is likely either immediately retrieved or unreachable).

P - The price customers pay for a new ball with PI technology should either increase very slightly or remain constant. The case states that...

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