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Performance Evaluation Of Exim Bank Essay

2068 words - 9 pages

Internship Report
Prepared by
Md. Sabbir Jahan

Performance Evaluation of EXIM by the Private Banks of Bangladesh
“A Case Study on EXIM Bank Ltd”

This Internship report is submitted for the partial fulfillment of
The degree of “Master’s of Business Administration” with a major in “Finance&Banking”

Prepared By:

MD. Salahuddin
ID: 136-34-21
Program: Master’s of Business Administration
Major: Finance&Banking

Supervised By:

Md. Kamrul Hasan
Department of Business Administration
Southern University Bangladesh
Internship Duration:

Submission Date:

Dedicated to my family, ...view middle of the document...

Md. Shahidullah
Executive Vice President & Manager
EXIM Bank Ltd.
Agrabad, Chittagong.

Dear Sir,
Here is the internship report that I was assigned to accomplish as an essential requirement for the BBA program.
I have completed my Internship program from EXIM Bank Ltd. Agrabad Branch, Chittagong. My topic was Foreign Exchange Management Practices by the Private Banks of Bangladesh “A Case Study on EXIM Bank Ltd.”
This report is original one & it is not published earlier and not submitted to any other university. I have completed this program under the supervision of Md. Abdulah Al Hasan Lecturer, Business Administration, and Southern University Bangladesh.

It will be great pleasure to furnish you with any details if required.

Thanking you,

Md. Salahuddin
Id: 136-34-21
Program: MBA
Southern University Bangladesh

Supervisor’s Approval

This to certify that this report on “Foreign Exchange Management Practices by the Private Banks of Bangladesh- A Case Study on EXIM Bank Ltd.” has made under my supervision by Md. Salahuddin/Id:136-34-21/Program: MBA/Southern University Bangladesh.
This report is the original one. It is not published earlier and not submitted to any other university. I believe that it will contribute to the resolution on operation & finance management of any type process plant. I therefore recommended this report to accept for completion of internship program.
I wish him every success in life.

Md. Kamrul Hasan
Department of Business Administration
Southern University Bangladesh


Internship program is an integral part of MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) course of Southern University Bangladesh. Every MBA student was assigned to conduct an internship program in the practical field directed by the studied subject to learn something within the pre-stipulated time by observing these organizations’ daily practices about the business factors. In this regard, my internship was arranged in the bank companies with the deliberate counseling of Md Kamrul Hasan, Lecturer of Business Administration. First of all my hearty thanks go to him who had been very keen at showing me the exact way to prepare this compact report. My thanks go to Mr. Md. Shahidullah (Executive Vice President & Regional Manager) and Mr. Md.Shahjahan Patwary (Assistant Vice President & Manager) who has given me an opportunity to conduct my internship in their well-known bank.
My special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mohammad Nahid Hossain, senior Principal Officer, for his ample help to provide me support books and other articles throughout my study period in the institution and who managed his invaluable time for guiding me in the proper way for preparing this report. It would be unwise on part of me if I don’t acknowledge the superb support of all the officers, especially of those with whom I worked. In this connection, I must name Mr. Enayet Karim Golder (Assistant Vice...

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