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Criticism of Budget (2013-2014)

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 Bangladesh gets biggest budget in history of 2.22 trillion taka with estimated ...view middle of the document...

  Budget surreal, says CPD
The Centre for Policy Dialogue said, the proposed budget is a “surreal” venture with a wide gap between income and expenditure. They also said the provision to allow black money for real estate investments would push up land prices further and pose a risk to businesses who already find the prices too high to set up their factories. The CPD, however, said duty cuts for capital goods and raw materials and tax benefits for small and medium enterprises would help the local industries grow.
Senior fellow of leading economic watchdog Centre for Policy Dialogue Debapriya Bhatacharya, said, “Bangladesh in its history has never witnessed such a huge growth and it is an over ambition that the country could achieve it particularly when adequate investment is not visible during a (politically) transitional year,”
The mass circulation Prothom Alo called it a “budget of indecent ambition”
The Daily Star wrote “budget lavish, plan poor” as the government tended to count more on corrupt people for earning offering scopes to whiten black money particularly in the real estate sector alongside banking on bank borrowing and more taxes for revenue.

The Financial Express newspaper, however, came in government defence calling it a “mixed
Bag of populist, pragmatic moves”.

My own perception
After reading the overall budget (2013-2014)...

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