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Performance Enhancing Essay

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Performance enhancing drugs should be legalizes in competitive sports.

The use of performance enhancing drugs has had a long history at the Olympic Games, it can even be tracked back to the ancient Olympics were Olympians would eat lizard meat prepared in a special way, in the hopes that it would give them an athletic edge!

When we first started discussing should performance enhancing be legalized in sport, a classmate of mine expressed her view why she didn't want to do this topic by saying it is male dominate and only men use it in sports like AFL or NRL. But really sport is played by both males and females and that performance enhancing is seen in many different sports and all over the word. Anthony butch, director of the Olympic analytical laboratory at the university of califonia in Los Angeles. Has estimates that three quarters of all cases of performance enhancing is of the male population. Now why is it? That's the ...view middle of the document...

This case like all was a tragedy seeing an athlete throw away a golden Olympic legacy when doctors and experts agreed she didn't need to Cheat to win or be extaordinary. Performance enhancing is not much of a problem for girls, Anthony butch has said "from the point of view of males verses female, one of the big compounds that's abused is steroids
And I think reasons males test positive more often is that females aren't taking it as much because its more apparent. They start developing male features. First, that would be easier to detect by a coach or trainer, and second they're still females and they want to look female". Dr Don Caitlin, man who has developed complex tests That have broken the codes to many substances, has brought down many pro athletes like Marion jones and sprinter Kelli white. Caitlin says he does not know how many female athletes may break the rules to gain an unfair competitve edge. But he points out they have an advantage in escaping detection if they chose to do so. Seeking an unfair avantage by taking substances speaks out the ethics of sport, are they playing or participating on true natural talent like generations before us have? Marion jones ended up losing 3 gold and 2 bronze medals from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. For taking the substance THG (tetrahydrogestinone) which happens to be a anabolic steriod.

Thomas H. Murray, PHD, president of Hastings center in the chapter "sports enhancement" in the 2008-2009 'form birth to death and bench to clinc'. wrote There are several reasons to ban performance enhancing drugs: respect for rules of sports, regonition that natural talents and their perfection are the point of sports, and the prospects of an 'arms race' in athletic performance...

The 2000 Olympics had many cases of performance enhancing and very publicly a case of an 16 year old romanian girl, Andrea Raducan. Andrea was a gymnast, and she was stripped of her allround gold medal after teasting positive for using pseudo-ephedrine, after a team doctor mistakenly prescribed her the over-the-counter drug Nurofen. Andrea was support by both the gymnastics community and romainic

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